Oct 23, 2021

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Nema gets Sh1bn to fight climate change in lower eastern region

The funds from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), a funding mechanism under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, will be used to improve water security and reduce the effects of droughts in the river’s catchment area Athi.

Nema General Manager Boru Mamo said the catchment area was water unsafe as most of the tributaries of the Athi River were significantly reduced or dried up. This leads to a negative water balance.

With less surface water, the dependency on groundwater has increased in order to cover the increasing water demand.

Drought prone

The grant is intended to directly benefit 1,156,620 people in a drought-prone area, which paradoxically also suffers from disasters associated with flooding in the river’s catchment area Athi.

“We cried for lack of money and now the grant of Sh1.05 billion wi will support vulnerable communities in the lower eastern region by showing their resilience and Adapt to the whims of climate change, “said Mamo.

” It will also help maintain the integrity of the Athi River to ensure that we manage the sources of pollution, by cleaning up the river basin to bring clean water to the Thwake Dam. ”

Work with the Met Department

The Nema- Chef said the project will be implemented in collaboration with the Kenyan Meteorological Department and the Water Resources Authority. The agency will invest in the water supply infrastructure in four endangered counties in the region.

As a result, the majority of the funds will be used to improve water security through the construction and rehabilitation of water pans, springs , Sand dams, boreholes and rainwater collection tanks to improve climate resistance.

“This will be a welcome relief for vulnerable communities with water scarcity and especially for women and girls who daily long after Have to look for water for domestic use, ”he said.

Some of the money is spent on monitoring water quality and enforcing quality regulations through investing in real-time testing of water allow.

Reinforcement of weather monitoring

Mr. Mamo added that some means of reinforcing weather monitoring and forecasting d By establishing a National Information Center for Integrated Water Supply urce management.

The center will be equipped with integrated data analysis tools and a system of weather forecast information and a flood warning system supported by protocols for sharing Data for institutions in the water is being supplemented by the sector and the community.

Nema received the funds in its capacity as a direct access accredited body of the GCF.