Jun 18, 2021

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NLC official’s murder probe focuses on pastor who got millions from her

They turned their attention to a pastor who received millions of shillings in deposits from Wambua in the months leading up to their murder.

The pastor who questioned twice, including once this week, isn’t a suspect yet but couldn’t explain why he received huge sums of money from Wambua.

Detectives also grilled NLC acting, Finance Director Bernard Cherutich wanted to know why the Commission had transferred large sums of money to Wambua’s personal bank account.

Wambua reportedly received two tranches of cash, including some Sh2.7 million, just a week before she was killed . She withdrew Sh 2 million on March 11, the day before she disappeared.

The police believe that the Sh 2 million she withdrew and the large sums of money received from NLC, including Sh6 million, is part of the reasons she was eliminated.

Third Suspect

Arrested Tuesday night Murder detectives found a third suspect. Mr. Peter Mwangi Njenga, aka Sankale, was picked up from his home in Embulbul, Ngong, Kajiado County, Tuesday evening. Embulbul is near where Wambua’s body was found in a thicket in the open field in Kerarapon.

The 41-year-old businessman is, according to an affidavit from detective Vincent Langat at the Kiambu Courts, among those “last seen alive” with the deceased.

The suspect was identified as being with Wambua, according to those privy to the investigation seen identified

presented themselves

Mr. Benjamin Saitoti and Mr. David Sempuan introduced themselves to the officials and elders of Nyumba Kumi in Kerarapon on Wednesday afternoon said they saw Wambua alive at the site where her body was found.

Mr Saitoti allegedly told the elders that he had seen a man who was drinking water bought and at de n the place where Wambua’s body was lying and.

He also claimed to have seen Wambua sitting under the thicket the mysterious man was walking into. That was March 12th, the day Wambua was last seen alive.

The elders immediately informed the DCI who came and Ms. Saitoti, a bodaboda rider, and arrested Mr. Sempuan, a shepherd. During the interrogation, the two reportedly told investigators that they even spoke to Wambua before leaving the scene at around 5 p.m.

It is now believed that the mysterious man Mr. Njenga is.

Kiambu’s Chief Justice Patricia Gichohi has given DCI permission to hold the three suspects so they have until April 26 to adjudicate the matter investigate.

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