Aug 4, 2021

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No allowances for MPs as cash crunch bites

A number of MPs who went overseas for various assignments last month have not yet received their allowances, while other members of Parliament have also been hit by the finances, the nation has learned.

“It is an extremely bad situation. Since the beginning of the year it has become clear that the Treasury has had difficulties paying salaries and allowances, ”Belgut MP Nelson Koech told the nation.

The Treasury also has no money for the development of the national constituencies approved Fund (NG-CDF).

Social distancing

“Projects have stalled, students have no scholarships and can drop out. Classrooms designed to create space for social distancing have been delayed, contractors who carried out the projects are threatening legal proceedings, “said Koech.

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The Chairman of the Public Investment Committee (PIC), Abdulswamad Nassir, attributed the liquidity crisis to the end of the fiscal year on June 30th. The spokesman for the National Assembly, Justin Muturi, who is also chairman of the Parliamentary Services Commission (PSC), declined to comment. Find out from the employees, not me, “Muturi told the nation in a text message.

The Secretary of the National Assembly, Michael Sialai, denied the allegations.

” It is not true. All allowances are processed and paid out when due, “said Mr. Sialai, adding that” outstanding “mileage credits are being processed.

” The mileage claims are in and we are processing and communicating with the Treasury Department for funding. The Treasury Department has promised to take care of the financing, “said Mr Sialai.

MPs are entitled to a mileage allowance calculated at the Automobiles Association (AA) rate of Sh187 per kilometer while they are drive on the road to their respective constituencies.

The mileage allowance was part of the controversial issue when the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) was involved with Parliament last year. Implementation of the SRC’s salary reviews was halted by the High Court in December 2017, which allowed Parliament to return to paying MPs higher salaries and perks, and to offer them the scrapped car allowance of 5 million shredders.

The PSC assigns a Sh10,000 allowance for chairing a committee meeting. A vice chairman collects Shs 7,500, while a full member collects Shill 5,000. takes home for every session attended. Legislators are also receiving Sh5,000 per house session.

Earlier this month MPs threatened to paralyze the presentation of this year’s budget by the Treasury Department Ukur Yatani due to delayed disbursement of NG-CDF cash. In March, Mr. Yatani pledged to pay at least Sh 2 billion a week through fiscal 2020/2021. to release. Most of the 290 constituencies had received an average of Sh20 million out of the Sh137 million allotted for that fiscal year.

Last week, CoG Chairman Martin Wambora said the counties were at risk would, because of a lack of funds. He said the Treasury Department’s outstanding releases amount to Shs 102.6 billion.

Mr. Yatani pledged to get Shs 39 billion by Friday last week. to the counties, but yesterday CoG communications officer Yvone Ogwang told the nation that no money had been released into the counties.

The SRC announced last week that it would raise wages for all civil servants for two years from July to freeze. It is said that the move was marked by the difficult economic times due to the economic shocks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fight promised

The union of Kenyan officials has frozen and vowed to fight against it. The general secretary of the Kenyan National Teachers’ Union Wilson Sossion said the government had used Covid-19 as an excuse to deny workers their rights.

On Sunday, the Kenyan Union of Domestic Servants, Hotels, Educational Institutions and Hospital Workers (Kudheiha ) issued a ten-day strike notice because the government failed to settle arrears in its 2017-2021 collective agreement (CBA).

Kudheiha Secretary General Albert Njeru said the CBA had been signed and will join in 2020 registered with a budget of Sh13.8 billion, but only Sh6.6 billion has been paid so far. Mr Yatani did not respond to calls and text messages on the matter yesterday.

But in a meeting with the Budget and Appropriations Committee yesterday, Mr Yatani said that the implementation of the 2020/21 budget continues to face various challenges on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Economic output

“The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed economic output. In addition, the increased demand for additional priority spending is challenging the implementation of ongoing projects, ”Mr. Yatani told the committee chaired by Kieni MP Kanini Kega.

Mr. Yatani said the Treasury Department had requests additional spending of over Sh162.5 billion received since the 2020/21 supplementary estimates were approved. He said the additional requests include expenses to support interventions related to Covid-19, outstanding bills and lost wages.

Of the $ 162.5 billion requested, the Treasury Department had total additional expenses $ 45.5 billion approved.

He said the additional expenses were included in the second estimate of the supplements for fiscal 2020/21.

When it appeared before the financial and Senate Budgets Committee last Wednesday to review the late release of funds to counties, Mr. Yatani admitted the government was facing a major crisis due to poor economic performance caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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