Nov 28, 2021

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No beer, no travel this festive season without Covid-19 vaccine certificate

Against the backdrop of the December holidays, the Secretary of the Health Cabinet announced that those seeking public services must be fully vaccinated to ensure the country does not close due to a high rate of infection.

The CS said that by December 21, people must show proof of vaccination to enter hotels, bars and restaurants, national parks and game reserves.

Only people who have received both vaccines like AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna or the one-off Janssen Jab will be able to use government services or travel across the country.

“I want to let the Kenyans know that next month drivers and boda boda Drivers are required to provide proof of vaccination prior to travel, “said Kagwe.

” Governments in other countries are debating whether to reintroduce strict restrictions while we go to the Sai holiday son and we should too. We know that during the holidays, many of the well-known anti-virus measures like social distancing can easily be overlooked when people are happy, “he added.

He said everyone in the travel industry will be vaccinated should and always have proof of a measure coordinated by the Ministry of Transport and other stakeholders with you.

Mass vaccination campaign

Mr. Kagwe also said that all travelers to Kenya must bring a Covid-19- Vaccination certificate, which, together with Spain, Iran, Italy, Denmark, Israel and Germany, imposes strict measures in the fight against the virus.

“Visitors, tourists, travelers from the European region must be fully vaccinated and before Provide proof of vaccination upon entry, ”he said.

In order to speed up vaccination, the ministry will start as many people as possible on the 26th.

There were 254,629 confirmed cases with 5,325 Deaths. The CS said Kenya will not reintroduce strict regulations to contain the virus. He added that teenagers would get the Pfizer vaccine starting next week, which would increase the number of Kenyans vaccinated.

The CS expressed displeasure with counties like Siaya and Homa Bay, which have a dense population but they do not use vaccination services.

According to the current management report, there were a total of 254,057 cases, 146,966 (58 percent) are male and 107,091 (42 percent) are female. Most of them are between 30 and 39 years old.

Men had a higher crude death rate than women, and of a total of 5,314 deaths, 3,406 (64 percent) were male. This despite the fact that 1,021,942 more men were vaccinated, with 902,762 women.