Jun 22, 2021

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One of slain Kitengela four, Brian Oduor, had jumped bail

Court records show that an arrest warrant was issued against Oduor and his friend, Mr. Ramadhan Hussein Kamau, in a pending criminal case.

” Arrest warrant against the two defendants plus their extended guarantees, “Judge Christine Ogweno, Senior Resident Magistrate, addressed on April 25, 2019.

The trial shows that after their Release on bail of 500,000 Sh the last two appeared in court in 2019.


The duo faced two offenses, namely theft of a locked vehicle and malicious property damage.

The indictment sheet does not show the two together with others beforehand that the court stole the money that Property of n Mr. Sammy Muutu Mulwa, and broke into the locked motor vehicle to commit such theft.

They are also accused of malicious property damage, with prosecutors arguing that the two Deliberately and unlawfully damaging the windshield of Mr. Mulwa’s vehicle.

The windshield of the vehicle, a Toyota Harrier, was rated Sh14,000. This offense was committed on December 15, 2017 committed.

Court records link Oduor and his accomplices to numerous incidents of theft of locked vehicles in Mombasa.

rented a vehicle

In order to commit the crime, records show that Oduor rented a vehicle from Nairobi from which he stole at least two victims.

Proceedings in the Mombasa court case indicate that a KBY 291K vehicle registration number, a gray Toyota Noah, was used to track Mr. Mulwa to Tudor, where his money was stolen.

The businessman had left a bank when the incident happened.

The vehicle police records show was tracking Essman’s business from the bank in the central business district Kiziwi in Tudor, where the theft took place.

For a fee of 32,000 Shillings, Oduor rented the vehicle for a week from Stephen Wadego Okello, a car rental company who does business through his company Capital Travel Ltd, based in Upper Hill Gardens, Nairobi.

Oduor rented the vehicle through Mr. Timothy Onyango Otek, who was then driven to Mombasa.

Sow ohl Mr. Onyango and Mr. Okello had testified in the criminal case against Oduor.

Mr. Onyango was originally charged for his involvement in the transaction, but the DPP dropped the charges against him and converted him into a state witness.

state witness

He has been described as a broker in the car rental business.

In his testimony, Mr. Onyango informed the court that Oduor had asked him to find h I am a vehicle, but the purpose was not communicated to him.

Knowing Mr. Okello, he contacted him and the vehicle was released to the suspect after a deposit of Sh16,000 was sent to him via M-Pesa.

” I didn’t know what he was going to do with the vehicle, “said Mr Onyango.

Mr Okello confirmed the meeting with Mr Onyango, who had visited him with another man.

“He told me he was would have a customer who wanted to rent a vehicle for an unknown period of time. Mr. Onyango was nothing new to me. I had dealt with him several times, “he said.

car badly damaged

According to Mr Okello, the vehicle was brought back to Nairobi after 10 days and was badly damaged.

At the request of Mr Onyango told Mr Okello that he had been told that the vehicle was involved in an accident in Mombasa, but Oduor would pay the repair costs.

“You told me “The vehicle is in Embakasi, so I should send my driver to get it. Me.” did that only to find it was badly damaged, “he said.

Mr Okello said after being informed that his vehicle was being washed up in Embakasi He sent his driver, Mr. Michael Oduor, to try.

The driver, who also testified in the case, informed the court that he would shortly after his Departure was arrested by the police for the vehicle.

“I later learned that the vehicle was used to commit a crime. The registration number was widely used on social media. I didn’t know beforehand who had the vehicle, ”he said.

He was released from the Kileleshwa Police Station after recording his testimony.

The case against Oduor and Mr Ramadhan will be brought up on May 13th.

Eerie coincidence

Meanwhile, the killings of Kitengela had an eerie coincidence with the murders of three people in Changamwe, Mombasa. One survived the Changamwe shooting.

The Kitengela Quartet disappeared on April 19 – and their bodies were discovered the following day – and the Changamwe murders occurred two days later .

James Munyao Mwangi was killed on April 22nd together with two Tanzanians.

The Tanzanians worked as mechanics in the Saba Saba area.

A mechanic said the two specialize in vehicle tracking systems.

A source told the Nation with that their bodies were transported to Tanzania for burial, while Mwangi was buried on April 29th in Mariakani, Kilifi County.

On the fateful day Sources told the nation that Mwangi selected the two mechanics from the city of Mombasa to work on his wife’s vehicle.

Sprayed with bullets

The three were killed around 8.30pm, when they were a vehicle entry was sprayed with bullets by unknown armed men. There were four people in the vehicle. One survived.

Police said Mwangi, who was the driver of the vehicle, was killed at the scene while the other two died on Thursday.

“The three inmates were hospitalized but two died. We only have one survivor who is not in good shape. We hope he recovers and gives us information about the incident.” said Changamwe Police Commander David Mathiu.

Mr Mathiu said the three were killed by people who followed them in another car.

The police found several ATM cards that they said belonged to the driver, his driver’s license, five cell phones and an extra car key.

“We were able to determine that the vehicle belongs to the driver (James),” said Mr. Mathiu.

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