Jan 20, 2022

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Outrage over pathetic state of Old Namanga road as confusion rules

A 10 km section that forms the Old Namanga Road has been marred by controversy over which entity it falls under. In the meantime, local residents suffer unspeakable suffering.

In the late 1970s and 1980s, the route that was part of what is now the Namanga Highway was under the control of the Kenyan National Highways Authority, but when the section was relocated, it was handed over to the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (Kerra).

After the founding of the decentralized units in 2013, the Kajiado government is said to have taken over the Straits of Kerra, which led to its reclassification. However, Kerra continues to perform routine maintenance. Kerra engineers say they are intervening on “humanitarian grounds” but locals want it to be paved as a long-term solution as Murram doesn’t last.

On November 23, 2018, Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) general manager Silas Kinoti visited the street accompanied by Kajiado Roads manager Alex Kilowua and promised that it would be paved. Since then, the residents have remained optimistic, but nothing has been done.

Street renovation

Excited residents who met the contractor hired by Kerra yesterday to renovate the street so that it could be used make, said roads authorities and the county always goes in circles when they express their concerns.

“We are victims of empty promises. We are tired of being thrown from one road authority to the other. Tool for our executives. The upgrade to bitumen standards is long overdue, “said James Kiarie, adding that when it rains, giant potholes turn into puddles of water Endanger the health of the user. Accidents are common and drivers complain of high vehicle maintenance costs. The poor condition also hinders police patrols and thus endangers security.

“This is a shame that needs to be addressed. The value of the land in this area is falling. Homeowners are leaving their homes because of the dusty impassable road”, said Francis Kaesha, Sholinke / Oloosirkon MCA.

The road leads to several middle class manors and posh houses of prominent politicians as well as several flower farms. Most investors bought land before the road was relocated.