Nov 28, 2021

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Police arrest prisons boss Ogallo, Kamiti head after jailbreak

The arrests come just hours after President Kenyatta sacked Ogallo and replaced him with Brigadier (Rtd) John Warioba, and just two days after the Kamiti jailbreak that escaped three terrorist convicts.

Ogallo, Mutembei and his deputy were taken to the DCI offices after the arrest.

New prison chief Warioba declined to comment on the arrests, saying it was too early for him has just been appointed.

Hours after his arrest, the National Police Service tweeted that Ogallo had not been arrested, only escorted home from his office.

His dramatic occupation of the Magereza house, along with that of Mutembei and his deputy, however, was testified by journalists and recorded on film.

When he tried to sit in the front of the vehicle, the officers blocked him and locked him in the back seat before they Sped away.

The NPS has not explained why m Ogallo was escorted by a strong security team of ATPU officers.

Before announcing his release, Preside nt Kenyatta held a state house crisis meeting Wednesday with senior Home Office officials and prison officials about the jailbreak.