Nov 28, 2021

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Police probe mystery lawyer in George Kinoti jail order appeal

Investigators want to find out why a lawyer named Kelvin Koome volunteered to help the DCI chief combat his arrest by the High Court and the impending arrest of Mr. Kinoti by Police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai Another mystery is how the attorney used another law firm’s credentials and address to file the application through the judiciary’s e-filing system on Friday.

< p> The request that was reportedly made without the knowledge of Mr. Kinoti. was filed, or the Attorney General, was filed with the High Court Examination Department with an Urgency Certificate.

The case concerns orders issued last week requiring Mr. Kinoti to join the officer on charges against the high security Kamiti Prison intending to serve a four-month prison sentence by today (Wednesday), otherwise IG Mutyambai should arrest him.

The motion that was canceled on Monday for filing irregularly and without instruction from the DCI requested suspension Judge Anthony Mrima’s decision to sentence Mr Kinoti to four months in prison for disregarding the seven firearms release orders issued by urban businessman Jimi Wanjigi.

Pro Bono Services

< When the matter was raised in front of Judge Anthony Ndung'u yesterday, the attorney stated that his identity and license number were questionable b He was written to offer pro bono (free) services to the DCI.

He said he had been directed by an agent of Mr. Kinoti to submit the application. However, he did not name the named agent.

During the virtual court hearing, it also emerged that the applicant’s admission number on the list of attorneys belonged to another attorney with a similar name.

At the request To turn on the camera on his device so the court and other lawyers can see his face, Mr. Koome declined, saying he uses a desktop computer.

“I didn’t have instructions directly from Kinoti, but from a proxy, “said Mr. Koome, prompting the judge to question whether the attorney had learned this in law school.

In addition to the application, Mr. Koome had also filed an affidavit allegedly sworn in and signed by Kinoti .

The denied court documents indicated that the DCI chief was willing to pay a fine of Sh200,000 or the equivalent in lieu of the imposed prison sentence as he is currently i There are several involved investigations that have an impact on national security.

E-Filing System

Why he uses the credentials of Owino Mc. Dowell & Co had used lawyers and not those of his firm, Koome & Koome advocates, to submit the court files via the e-filing system, the man stated that he was assisted by a junior partner.

He admitted agreed that the motion had been wrongly filed and offered to present himself to the DCI on the matter.

Mr. J. Owino, the managing partner of Owino McDowell & Co Advocates, advised the court that he there is a known attorney with a similar name, but not the one who spoke in court.

“I deny filing anything. My company is allegedly on record in this matter. It was admitted that the documents were from Koome & Koome attorneys but were uploaded under my office, “he said.

Prosecutor Wanjiku Mwangi of the Attorney General’s Office told the court that the AG and the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) worked on the case of H Errn Kinoti had already filed a motion to stay the detention order with the Constitutional Department of the High Court.

“What happened on Friday was fraud. The lawyer had no instructions. The DCI is investigating the matter because even the DCI’s signature was forged. We distance ourselves from this request. There are investigations into forgery and identity theft, “Ms. Mwangi said.

Justice Ndung’u said the incidents bordered on criminal activity and left the matter to the Law Society of Kenya and the DCI for investigation.

“Koome has admitted that he made the request without DCI’s approval. He confirms that the law firm he applied to did not authorize him to do so. Koome’s actions pose serious problems regarding his behavior. The behavior borders on fraud and criminal liability. This court leaves the issues of misconduct and criminal activity in the hands of the LSK and the criminal investigation authorities, “said Judge Ndung’u.