Jun 13, 2021

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President Kenyatta promises jobs to illegal gun-makers, on one condition

Mr Kenyatta made the unusual promise on Wednesday during an exercise that collected and set fire to illegal small arms and light weapons, criminals involved in the assembly of homemade weapons. Here the President said that the presence of homemade firearms in the pile was both negative and positive.

“Today I want to make an offer. Kenya has now started making our own small arms and light weapons and weapons for you out there who are busy making these weapons for criminals, let’s give you a steady job making legal weapons, help grow our economy and defend our country (Nimewapatia hiyo offer nyinyi wenzangu waKenya najua mko huku. Badala ya kuwa huko kungojea risasi ya askari jameni njoo useme hiyo kazi umewacha tukupatie kazi. Hiyo ujuzi ukonaye tusaifie kutengene, a silaha halali), ”he said.

The president also extended to the Amnestie handing over illegal weapons from them to the authorities while asking the public to share information about illegal firearms that are in their midst.

By Kenya carries out the public destruction of illegal weapons, Kenya joins other member countries of the African Union (AU) to silence weapons.

“An illegal gun makes you less safe, not safer. It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are. An illegal weapon makes you criminal and liable to prosecution. If you have any security problems, please contact us. Your responsibility is to engage the government and not take the law into your own hands, “said Mr. Kenyatta.

More than 5,000 of the small arms destroyed today were given by members of the public, who heeded various amnesty programs and calls for community disarmament while others were mopped up during operations by security agencies.

The exercise took place in Ngong in the presence of British High Commissioner Jane Marriott, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang Robert Kibochi, Chief of Defense, and Joseph Ole Lenku, Governor of Kajiado.

Small firearms and light weapons claim more than half a million lives around the world each year, with the majority of victims being women and be children.