Oct 21, 2021

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President Uhuru Kenyatta: Handshake, roads built will be my legacy

In an interview with a think tank in New York yesterday, the president said his handshake with then-opposition leader Raila Odinga in 2018 will remain the biggest sign of his administration as it has helped cool political temperatures.

“The first is to bring our people much closer together than before and to ease some of the tensions that have existed in local politics,” he said at a meeting with the International Peace Institute, a US think tank who specializes in peace, security and sustainable development.

Our country. ”

He spoke at a meeting hosted by Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, President and CEO of the International Peace Institute , moderated.

The President used the platform to discuss his alliance with Mr Odinga, which was controversial at home. Its critics argue that hardships persisted for ordinary people and worsened in the pandemic while it chilled tempers. They also say that while his government paved more roads, it came at a price: more debt.

The president argues that his government can also be reminded that it is “internationally able to To see Kenya on a different stage and “in terms of our global engagement”. He made no clarification, but Kenya is the current President of the UN Security Council until the end of October and will serve on the Council until December 31st next year.

He spoke on “Leadership in the implementation of our common agenda “. “, A call by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to win the world for justice.

Africa as a partner

The Kenyan head of state called for positive engagement with a” global Africa “in that the international system has to treat the continent as a partner and listen to the warning signals there, especially with regard to the challenges of climate change and insecurity.

“We need a new multilateralism with global Africa at our heart. It will reject discrimination and racism as part of our business, “he told the audience.

” The problems are too serious, our future too important to leave out any country no matter how big it is; any race; and any gender. We must all have an interest in the solutions humanity longs for. ”

President Kenyatta, who said he considers himself a Pan-Africanist, argues that Africa has in the past been ignored and forced to Introducing systems that were alien, especially after independence. This is one of the causes of conflict to this day, he argued.

“If we share the same attitude in our quest to overcome the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss, the results will be be catastrophic, “he said.

” From our standpoint, we need a new multilateralism that puts global Africa at its center if we are to respond adequately to the Secretary-General’s call for meaningful change. I want to explain what I mean and why it is so urgent. ”