Oct 21, 2021

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Prof Mohamed Abdille discovers herbal medicine to fight Covid-19

One scientist and researcher who has followed the President’s call is Prof. Mohamed Hussein Abdille, a clinical virologist, professor of preventive medicine, and expert on infectious disease development, and former lecturer at Egerton University’s medical school.

“I have developed an herbal medicine that could be the means to tame the spread of the deadly disease,” says Prof. Abdille.

The herbal remedy called the Cr7 formula was made Listed by the drug Regulatory Authority, Pharmacy and Poisons Board under the Borderline Product Certificate No. 1755.

“The first listing was in July 2020 and expired in December last year. I have extended it and it will now expire in December 2021. I have all the necessary papers and documents, ”explained Prof. Abdille.

He said that since he was listed by the regulatory authority, he had almost 500 kg of the herbal medicine.

Covid-19 -Virus

In an interview in Nakuru, Prof. Abdille said he had developed a formula to fight Covid-19.

“I have an alternative way of dealing with Covid-19 -Find virus. I’ve decided to praise the government’s efforts to fight this deadly virus, “he said.

He continued,” The reputation of a scientist or researcher worth their money is that of having a solution to be found at a time that is most needed. This is the best time when local scientists and researchers are needed by millions of Kenyans to come up with a solution instead of waiting for the foreign solution, which may come too little and too late. “

He said the herbal medicine is in use in Kenya and to avoid counterfeiting it is available in his store alone.

“I put it on the market last year, but a retired senior military officer from the northeastern region made fakes and after that I chose to be the only manufacturer and distributor to keep the quality. “said Prof. Abdille.

He added:” This is a natural herb for that no prescription is required and therefore listing certification is below the borderline product category. Users just have to follow the instructions given in the container. ”

Mr. Peter Kiama, a resident of Nairobi, confirmed that he developed mild Covid-19 symptoms of fever, dry cough, and fatigue and after that Taking it without hospitalization recovered the herbal medicine. “After using the herbal medicine I recovered and I believe the Cr7 formula is a solution that can tame the spread of Covid-19,” said he.

The Chairman of the Covid-19 Vaccine Task Force Dr. Willis Akhwale said he was unaware of the Cr7 herbal medicine but said such a move was welcome.

Herbal Medicine

“I’m not I know every herbal medicine to combat it of the coronavirus that I know of, but we welcome people who would develop local solutions as long as clinical studies confirm it works, ”said Dr. Akhwale.

He said some herbal medicines could reduce the fever “and don’t treat the virus. We’ll see what it can do. “

Acting Health Department Director General Patrick Amoth said he knew nothing about herbal medicine.

” There are a lot of herbal medicines floating around are, “said Dr. Amoth, who is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr. Victor Achoka, a pharmacist, said that anyone who makes herbal medicines has an innate understanding of the chemical makeup of those products.

“This is blanket of guesswork and avoids scenarios like the Pearl Omega drug for ‘treatment.” ‘From HIV / AIDS patients by Prof. Arthur Obel who never saw the light of day, “said Dr. Achoka.

He said drug development requires certain protocols and basic things, like the ability of how the human body works.

“Herbal medicine creators need to understand how disease affects the human body in order to treat disease like Covid-19. The herbal medicine may have a pharmacological effect on fighting Covid-19, but studies must be proven to prove its effectiveness. There are many herbal medicines that work. Claiming that there is a cure that is possible, but the drug needs to be validated because that’s how science works, ”added Dr. Achoka added.

Scientifically recognized ingredients

He said validating the herbs medicine requires millions of shillings to separate the ingredients of the plants.

Prof Abdille said that herbal medicine is made up of scientifically isolated, researched materials that have taken many years of hard work.

“I have developed scientifically recognized ingredients. For example, one of them is called thymoquinone, a promising natural compound with potential benefits for preventing and curing Covid-19. Thymoquinone remains the primary bioactive principle due to its number of therapeutic benefits including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antibacterial, antifungal, and antispasmodic activity, and an immune booster. This formula mix is ​​helpful. ”

Prof Abdille, a former senior scientist at Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri), said it took six months to find this solution.

He said that herbal medicine is based on indigenous knowledge and medicinal plants found in Kenya.

“Africa is known for its rich resources and I believe we have herbs that can fight this virus and other viruses”, said Prof Abdille, who is also a visiting professor at Beijing Medical School and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

He said that some of his research has been conducted in Kemri for almost 20 years, during which he has a deep understanding of herbal medicine attained. Working in China.

“My studies in China have been very beneficial to the research and I am grateful to the collaboration between Kenya and China, which played a key role in the invention of this drug,” he added.

Traditional medicine

He said he was ready to defend herbal medicine in any forum for its effectiveness. “Cr7 is not fictitious or associated with purely traditional medicine.”

He said herbal medicine had played an important role in the treatment of infectious diseases and a number of herbal medical studies had been conducted to treat a previous SARS coronavirus ( SARS-CoV) have provided clinical evidence that herbal medicines have some beneficial effects in epidemic treatment and prevention, with several significant results.

However, he urged Kenyans that there is no shortcut to protection There are pandemics ahead of the future.

The best way is to learn from current experiences and countries that have successfully mastered the virus, such as China and New Zealand.

“Kenyans should continue Follow all protocols to fight this pandemic. Cr7 is about prevention and strengthening of body immunity. Vaccines and Cr7 complement each other. “