Oct 23, 2021

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Puzzle of how serial killer escaped police custody

Police could not explain last night how the man who confessed to murdering 13 people after sexually molesting them and drinking their blood escaped from custody just hours before he was charged in court.

Mr. Masten Wanjala, who was arrested in July after a five-year killing spree, escaped from his cell at the Jogoo Road Police Station on Tuesday evening without breaking a window or door.

He had been detained at the police station for 30 days pending a court hearing yesterday morning to answer a murder charge.

During the mandatory roll call at 6 a.m. for anyone detained in the cells, However, the officer on duty found that Mr. Wanjala was missing.

The window to his cell was not broken, and neither was the door, which can only be locked or opened from the outside. The police station cells are behind the registration desk, which means no one can enter or leave without the officer on duty noticing.

Big question

The nation understands that mr Wanjala was not present and was held in solitary confinement and that other people were in the cell with him. The station only has two cells – one for women and one for men.

The big question now is whether someone helped him escape or took him out of custody for other purposes.

“It was reported by No. 73739 PA Alphonse Oderekong and No. 106275 PA Lizzy Rimba, Registration Office and Cell Guard, respectively, that a prisoner, Masten Milimo Wanjala, was being held for murder and was pending, no appeal today in the cells, “said a police report on the incident.

” The officers noticed when they took over the reporting office and the cell guard, “said an OB report.

Mr. Wanjala, previously on remand at Kabete Approved School, hit the headlines in September after admitting he killed 13 people, mostly children, in Nairobi and Bungoma counties over five years / p>

Confessed killer

His confession came after Bea If the Criminal Investigation Police (DCI) had followed him to the town of Kitengela, Kajiad., o County. His cover was blown after he kidnapped two children from the Majengo slum in Nairobi and tried to obtain a ransom from their parents.

While in custody, the suspect reportedly confessed to police that he had been for five years Killing children since he was 16. His first victim, Purity Maweu, 12, was abducted from Kiima Kimwe in Machakos County. Mr. Wanjala told police that he had sucked their blood.

His confession led police to travel across the country with the suspect to look for the graves of his victims, leaving Kenyans in shock.

By the end of the evening, senior officials from Jogoo Road Police Station had recorded statements at the DCI.

This was when the National Police Service announced that it was launching a nationwide hunt for Mr. Wanjala who has now been classified as “armed” and dangerous. “

” Wanjala has been charged with the murder of three children. Further investigations into similar murders of other children in which he is suspected are ongoing. Court summons were issued to OCS Jogoo Police Station and DCIO Buruburu to report the matter, “said the Director of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (DPP).