Jan 20, 2022

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Raila censures Linturifor inflammatory remarks

Speaking to a congregation at St. John’s ACK Church Mwimuto in Kabete, Kiambu District on Sunday, Mr. Odinga also condemned Meru Senator Mithika Linturi’s feelings during a political rally in Eldoret on Saturday.

< During the rally, which was also attended by Vice President William Ruto, the Senator described those Dr. Rejecting Ruto's presidential candidacy as “madoa” (spots), which he said must be expelled.

But Mr Odinga described Linturi’s feelings as discriminatory and inflammatory.

“We cannot continue to profile people as ‘kwe kwe’ (weeds) and ‘madoadoa’. We cannot afford to go back to where we came from, “said Mr Odinga.

” Everyone should live and do business in every part of the country without discrimination based on race, color, religion or gender may or age. Any Kenyan can live in any part of the country without getting permission from anyone, ”said Mr Odinga.

The ODM leader pointed out that Kenyans want a country where everyone lives everywhere and can do business without fear.

“Our constitution was not easy. It was a sacrifice and we cannot allow its profits to be undermined just like that. We have to say no to such statements and backward actions in our midst, “he continued.

” I have also heard that some people have spoken badly against members of the Asian community. Asians and Arabs are all Kenyans and we all need to hug, “he said.

The ODM leader said the country could not afford to have more IDPs, as it did in 2007- The case in 08 was Post-Election Violence (PEV).

He promised to relocate the PEV, displaced by 2007-08, if he is elected president in the general election in August.