Oct 21, 2021

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Raila: My promise to the Kenyan youths

The creation of jobs, tax breaks, the increase in the HELB loan, the creation of an independent ministry for the youth and the establishment of a Boda Boda fund are part of the 17-point agenda of opposition leader Raila Odinga for the youth.

The ODM guide, in a blueprint released Sunday, appears interested in reviving profits for young people who have been lost in the Building Bridges Initiative.

Raila has proposed that a youth commission be set up to “encourage youth participation in all”. Areas of public and private life “.

He has also pledged to set up a separate ministry for youth affairs that promises young people jobs in the next government.

” Creating opportunities, in particular jobs, for these young people is the greatest challenge this country has to face for the future, ”said Raila, describing Kenya as a“ land of young people ”. Open up access to public procurement opportunities – known as AGPO, so that more young people can participate in state tenders.

In this regard, Raila vouched for the transfer of AGPO administration from the State Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Youth.

“If the youth make up 75 percent of our population, it makes sense to have an institution to help them, which is located at the National Treasury under a small toothless secretariat.”

“AGPO belongs to the ministry responsible for youth affairs. Parliament needs to change the AGPO law, ”he said.

Companies owned by young people or companies with AGPO certification benefit from tenders reserved for young people.

The ODM -Führer aims to redesign the National Youth Service and has spread its locations across the 47 districts in order to attract more young people to the public service.

If he is elected, says Raila, that he will increase college loans to reflect the cost of living, interest rates on HELB loans and make sure graduates are not listed on the CRB for loan default.

Raila says his team would be providing the too of scholarships in tertiary institutions increase and expand to the reality of the cost of life.

His administration, he promised, would provide 10,000 internship opportunities each year under the Kenyan National Youth Internship Program ur provide.

“Develop a policy for youth leaders, both globally and by supporting 1,000 paid internships annually in the UN and other international organizations around the world to help them grow and be inspired by the best practices of developed countries, “said Raila.

” This age group can offer our country limitless opportunities, but only if they are trained and then given the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills “said the ODM leader.

As in the BBI pledge, the ODM leader says its administration would also grant seven years of tax leave to youngsters owned by micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

The goal is to minimize taxation on new and small businesses owned by young people. p>

“This tax exemption has to become a reality, but that’s just a start. We want real action, not just guidelines on paper, to enable young people to start and stay in business, “said Raila.

If elected, the ODM leader will tell his team would also set up a National Boda Boda Fund as local Boda Boda Assembly Units for the construction of motorcycles.

“This should make them (motorcycles) available and affordable and support the potential of 2.4 million riders” According to the plan.

To end abuse of youth in foreign countries where millions are running for jobs, the ODM leader says his government is working on a job immigration program to deal with such cases to treat.

Raila’s plan is to check the quality of the Kenyan youth jobs offered abroad, to ensure the safety of young Kenyans who accept such jobs, and to make the process friendly, transparent and accountable “ry.”

In line with its earlier promise to rural industry, Raila has committed to converting the industries in the 47 counties to Made in Kenya products.

“The aim is to create opportunities for the jobs To use youth and to use and perfect their skills. Kicotec from the Kitui district government would provide the necessary orientation in this direction, “said Raila.

In order to convey positive values ​​to the youth, the ODM leader says there are plans for” intergenerational support and integration of To facilitate Africans ”. traditional values ​​with a modern lifestyle of young people. ”

Part of the ODM director’s plan is also to set up one-stop shops for young people to offer strategic and youth-oriented services.

< p> The centers would ensure access to ICT, entrepreneurship training and guidance and advice on drug and substance abuse and HIV prevention.

In the event of an election, the Raila administration would maintain and support a database of qualified young people for the group.


He promises to “extend special incentives to SMEs run by artisans and artisans and ensure that their passions become professions, industries and jobs.”

The ODM leader is also trying to establish a youth leader program that supports 1,000 young people with paid internships each year in the United Nations and other international organizations.

Raila pla Also nt to provide free internet and ICT centers across the country to provide professional counseling services to young people to access the internet for jobs and other opportunities.

– Edited by SKanyara