Dec 9, 2021

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Raila Odinga: I couldn’t believe Jakoyo Midiwo was dead

Mr Odinga said he did not believe the news of Midiwo’s death until he saw the body of the former lawmaker in a ward of the Nairobi hospital.

“He was more of a friend than another younger brother.” said the former prime minister.

He said the Odingas had multiple deaths in their family this month and revealed that they had lost a grandmother, grandfather, uncle and sister (Jakoyo’s older sister).


The former prime minister said Thursday evening June 10th that he had spoken to Jakoyo and that they would meet at a later date. He announced that they had talked about the cloud of death hanging over the Odinga family and Jakoyo gave his views on how the funerals should be handled.

Mr. Odinga, who was out of the capital, promised to contact him on his return to Nairobi.

“And that was my last conversation with him,” said Mr Odinga.

They had agreed that the Odingas would return to the Normality would organize a suitable memorial for all of their deceased family members.

The news of Midivo’s death

On Monday, June 14th, however, the former prime minister was greeted with his message when he arrived from Mombasa, his cousin’s death.

“I couldn’t believe he was dead,” said Mr Odinga.

“Midiwo had advised me to consider attending funerals Covid-19 situation in the country, “he recalled.

” Jakoyo warned me not to attend funerals uncomfortable because my presence would attract uncontrollable crowds. He felt risky in the face of rising Covid-19 infections. “

The ODM leader remembered being in his office that evening when a relative called with the news of death” who had Jakoyo’s name “.

The caller, Mr Odinga’s cousin, sobbed, he said. As he investigated further, he learned of Jakoyo’s death.

“Relatives had visited him in the hospital. They talked, said goodbye, and left. Three minutes later, on the way out of the station, they were asked to go back. The doctor then revealed that his patient had died, ”he said.

Mr. Odinga remembered his shock at the news.

He couldn’t believe his cousin was dead . So he rushed to the Nairobi hospital. He found Jakoyo lying in the intensive care unit. Lifeless.

Clear view for Kenya

“He actually smiled and I thought I could talk to him. But he was dead, ”he remembers. “I didn’t even know how to behave.”

Midiwo’s death came just days after his older sister’s. Mr. Odinga described the loss as “very emotional for us as a family”.

“He had a very clear idea of ​​what Kenya should be. He expressed it sometimes very emotionally. Sometimes very strongly. And he was not pushed back or intimidated, “he said, adding that this was a genetic trait of the Odingas.

” Jakoyo was not just a politician. He did much more than politics. He united people from different communities. He was a real Kenyan, “the former prime minister told the mourners.

The ODM leader said even before Midiwo entered active politics and successfully fought for the parliamentary seat in Gem, he was always active in Raila’s political affairs / p>

“During his stay in the USA Jakoyo organized the Ford Kenya branch in DC. Later it was changed to NDP. Eventually it became LDP and then Narc branch in DC”, revealed Mr. Odinga.

Jakoyo Midiwo’s body will be flown to Gem today and buried tomorrow.

“The way Jakoyo wanted funerals to be carried out, we will ensure that all Covid-19 protocols are adhered to,” said Odinga.

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