Oct 23, 2021

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Recent high-profile convictions boost war on corruption

Prosecutors recently sentenced senior former and current government officials, as well as business professionals and professionals involved in promoting corruption.

Key government officials convicted include former Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario, Stephen Arap Soi, a retired Police chief who was an officer in the same ministry and Sirisia MP John Waluke.

Others include former director of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) Davy Koech, former nominee Senator Joy Gwendo, three ministry staff members for Education and former Kasarani lawmaker John Njoroge.

Also on the list of recent convicts are Karen MCA David Mberia, former Kenya Reinsurance Corporation director John Faustin Kinyua and Concelia Aoko Ondiek, the widow of a former MP from Ugenya. < / p>

The convicted businessmen include the top contractor and businessman Mukuria Ngamau and the business woman u Grace Wakhungu.

The District Attorney’s Office also secured a victory after the High Court issued a precedent ruling banning public officials charged with transplantation from their offices pending trial.

The verdict was used against governors and cabinet secretaries in corruption cases.

The last person to go to jail is Mr. Ngamau, who was fined 900 million Shutter 14 days ago for stealing money from the Youth Enterprise Development Fund.

Last month, Soi, a Team Kenya official at the 2016 Rio Games Olympics, was fined 115 million shredders or a 17 -year imprisonment.

The retired police chief has been found guilty on six counts – three of abuse of office and three of willful failure to comply with rules on managing the public’s funds.

< Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Juma stated that taxpayers have lost money as a result of the omission or commission of Soi and Wario.

Wario has been fined 3.6 million shredders for three offenses with abuse of office – permission for three officials from the Ministry of Sports to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in July 2016 for the Olympic Games.

The three were Adan Omar Enow (Director of the Sports Fund), Richard Abura ( Deputy Director of Public Communications at the Ministry) and Monica Sairo (Deputy Deputy Director of Public Communications).

The court said their trip was inappropriate as Wario had tinkered with the Kenyan delegation’s list to include them which resulted in a loss of public funds.

Also last month Koech, the former director of Kemri, was fined 19.6 million shutters or sec He was sentenced to years in prison for corruptly acquiring public funds.

Koech has faced three illegal acquisitions of public property. He was charged with fraudulently purchasing Sh800,000 from Kemri on August 17, 2006 in Nairobi.

The alternate charges were that he used his office to corrupt money in Vector Biological’s bank account Acquire and Control Research.

Last June, Waluke, the MP for Sirisia, and Wakhungu, his business partner, were sentenced to 67 and 69 years in prison, respectively.

Waluke also received the Possibility of a fine of Sh 727 million. and Wakhungu 707 million Shillings. to pay.

They were fraudulent with Sh 297 million. Found guilty of dubious corn deals with the National Cereals and Produce Board.

In February of that year, Mberia, the Karen MCA, was sentenced to three years in prison or a fine of 700,000 Shillings. sentenced for receiving a bribe of 1.7 million Sh. from a private school.

The anti-corruption court also banned him from holding public office for failing the integrity test due to the transplant conviction.

But his co-defendant, MCAs Jared Okode (Mathare) and Abraham Mwangi (Woodley / Kenyatta) were acquitted because prosecutors did not provide sufficient evidence.

In March of this year, Aoko Ondiek, the widow of the former Ugenya- Archbishop Steven Ondiek, convicted and sentenced to two and a half years in jail for stealing 1.5 million shutters from taxpayers.

Aoko Ondiek, acting director of secondary and higher education, became Arrested after the anti-corruption court found that she pocketed 1.5 million shutters destined for a needs assessment workshop for school principals in Mombasa. The workshop was held at Coast Girls High School June 13-29, 2009.

The court found her guilty of false reckoning and said she tried to blame her junior and co-defendant Christine Wegesa Chacha. but their attempts failed because the signatures on the documents did not match.

Wegesa Chacha was sentenced to pay a 1 million Shutter fine or to serve a year in prison. The court also found that Aoko Ondiek was a repeat offender.

It was the second time Aoko Ondiek had been convicted and convicted of theft of public funds, forgery and incorrect accounting.

The conviction first came in 2011, when she was sentenced to six years in prison after convicting three misregistration charges. She filed false receipts at Jogoo House in Nairobi for a total of Sh 1.2 million. stealing in varying amounts.

After appealing, the sentence was reduced to two and a half years by the High Court in March 2017 with the option to pay a fine of Sh600,000.

Last May, former Kasarani MP John Chege was found guilty and sentenced to one year in prison or a fine of Sh 1.3 million. after he was found guilty of receiving a bribe of Sh100,000 from a contractor.

The bribe was given by Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi as an incentive to get the payment of Sh3.3 million for a completed Facilitating the class block at Baba Dogo Secondary School.

Kinyua, the former finance director of Kenya Re, was also sentenced to one year in prison for fraud related to abuse of office and the sale of company property.

< p> He was convicted of fraud after taxpayers were tricked into buying a house in Embakasis Villa Franca Estate.