Dec 9, 2021

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Rogue ministry officials selling Covid certificates, vaccines

And this illicit trafficking backed by rogue officials will continue to develop as more Kenyans wrestle over the crucial document after the government announced that only those with a Covid-19 certificate will be served in their offices .

The At a syndicate, MoH officials are working with unscrupulous individuals to sell the vaccination certificates, according to an investigation by the nation.

The officials are logging into the Chanjo platform of the MoH and create real certificates for hundreds of Kenyans who do not want to be vaccinated.

All you need to do is send Sh1,000 and your personal information to a proxy for a doctor who works at an authorized vaccination center.

In less than five minutes you will receive a confirmation message from the MoH that you have been vaccinated with the Janssen vaccination from Johnson & Johnson.

To determine this , the nation team paid 3.00 0 shutter and passed on the personal details of three unvaccinated people.

Minutes later they received all messages from the Ministry of Health confirming that they had received the vaccination.

“Congratulations XXX on the Receiving your last dose of Janssen (Ad26.COV2-S) vaccine Lot No. XE436. MOH, “the message said.


The three then created accounts on the Chanjo portal and all their details were there. Each of them downloaded the Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

Our sources also revealed that in some facilities the AstraZeneca and Moderna certificates are only 500 Sh.

As Secretary of the Cabinet of Health Mutahi Kagwe announced that from December 21st, Kenyans will need a coronavirus vaccination card in order to use personal services in government offices.

Only people who have received both vaccinations like AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna or the individual Janssen jab will use government services or travel across the country.

Personal services that are denied to unvaccinated individuals include those offered by the Kenyan Treasury, Department of Education, National Transport and Safety Authority, and Immigration Service. the port of Mombasa; and visits to hospitals and prisons.

When Kenyans go on holiday season, Mr Kagwe also said that they must provide proof of vaccination in order to be admitted to national parks, game reserves, hotels, bars and restaurants are scolded.

The Ministry of Health has also said that travelers on domestic flights, standard-gauge railways and regional buses are required to provide proof of vaccination.

You might ask if people can get real certificates without them Getting vaccinations, where are the vaccines?

Well the vaccines are sold according to our sources, with some being smuggled into Ethiopia via the Moyale border point.

Illegal sales of vaccines

For Sh3,000 we were given an ampoule of Janssen, which is enough to vaccinate 10 people.

Contacted yesterday, Mr Kagwe said it is illegal to certify one as vaccinated, if he’s not and just as criminal, Cov ID-19 vaccines for sale.

Licenses of CS-warned entities caught selling the vaccines will be revoked by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council.

“The official position is that vaccines are not sold anywhere, not in public or private establishments. Every sale therefore violates official orders. If a facility is violated, its license can be revoked by KMPPDC. To solve this problem, the public is encouraged to report to the police and KMPPDC, “said Kagwe.

When asked about the sale of vaccine certificates, the CS replied:” I am not aware of that. If someone does it again, it would be illegal and punishable. Will investigate. It is a criminal offense and those involved should be arrested immediately. ”

The MoH’s latest situation report shows that less than 10 percent of the adult population – approximately 6.4 million people – have been vaccinated while officials were vaccinated wish over 27 million by the end of December.

That means that the government will have to vaccinate around 20 million Kenyans in the next month in order to achieve their goal.

But with “real” Covid -19 Vaccination Certificates Easily Available, How Sure Is The Ministry That The Over Six Million Kenyans Already Vaccinated Have Indeed Received The Vaccine?

The sale of Covid-19 Certificates undermines the campaign against the deadly respiratory disease as Incorrect vaccination counts hinder the pursuit of herd immunity.