Jun 18, 2021

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Schoolgirl saved after calling 999

The 2am emergency call at the police call center resulted in the arrest of a 52-year-old Matatu driver by an undercover police unit at Nyeri Central Police Station.

The Leading Series of Events The dramatic operation began on Wednesday morning , when the 21-year-old left Nyeri via Nairobi for Homa Bay.

She had finished her exams last Monday at a day school in Mathira. The Nation has learned that they lived in a rented house near the school.

She boarded a matatu towards Nairobi, but her trip was in Kenol in Murang ‘ a canceled due to the ongoing containment measures in the district.

After consulting with her relatives, she decided to return to Nyeri and plan the trip on another day.

2NK Sacco

According to police reports, she boarded a Matatu of the 2NK Sacco, and the driver allegedly promised to help her get a room for the night.

“The Matatu arrived in Nyeri around 6 p.m. the lady says the driver kept driving around and promised to get a room somewhere, ”said Paul Kuria, Nyeri Central District Police Commander.

The duo would supposedly meet in Nyeri Town and around 9pm have dinner. The driver said he had found a room for the woman to stay in. She should pay Sh600. He reportedly drove her to Skuta in the suburbs of Nyeri, but to her shock this was not accommodation, it was the driver’s house.

“The driver promised he would live with the family and that she would shouldn’t be afraid because his wife and children would be back later that night, “said Kuria.

The police said the driver then showered and when he finished he went out naked and tried to force herself on the woman

Skuta Mall

However, she managed to grab her cell phone, run out of the house and hide behind a kiosk in the Skuta Mall . She was in her school uniform the whole time.

From her hiding place, he called her father, who then reported the matter to the police on the emergency number 999.

The emergency number was The police officers located the woman she was hiding in and slipped into a scheme to lock in the driver.

As soon as she was under the protection of the officers, she was asked to call the driver and ask him to to pick them up. He agreed and drove straight into the trap of officers waiting near a gas station.

A police report seen by the nation shows that the driver tried to evade them, but the police got one of the Front tires deflated, immobilize the vehicle. The driver was arrested and the matatu was confiscated. The student’s luggage was recovered from the vehicle. Police say the driver has been charged with kidnapping and attempted rape.

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