Aug 1, 2021

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Seconds from death: Tanker explosion survivors recount ordeal

Although they narrowly escaped the Grim Reaper, they will forever bear the scars of the tragedy that mourned the village of Malanga.

A boy writhing in pain tells how he was woken up by his mother to rush to the crime scene and find out what was going on.

When he drove there accompanied by other villagers, they met others who ran back with canisters full of gasoline.

< p> “We met a lot of people who came back with petrol cans. We got containers to get the free fuel, but just as we got into the scramble, the vehicle exploded, ”said the boy.

Trapped in the worst situation ever, he struggled about removing his pair of pants that caught fire while he was fighting for his life.

In one ward, two cousins ​​who were sharing a bed were covered with a cradle to improve ventilation . Hesbone Oduor said he heard people screaming after the collision, which was normal given the frequency of such accidents along the busy motorway.

“We rushed to the scene with other neighbors and started to draw fuel. I made one side before the second attempt to open the valve resulted in the explosion, ”said Mr Oduor, whose house is off the road.

Mr Raymond Otieno had followed Mr Omondi to the scene, said but he did not scoop any fuel, just a victim of circumstances which were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Mr. James Omollo Oketch revealed how he made a wrong judgment that is likely to leave scars on him for the rest of his life.

He left his family to watch the evening news, to follow a call from his friend to get fuel from the tanker.

“I was already gone to bed and leaving my family to watch the news when numerous calls from my friends drove me to the scene for a helping of fuel. I tried to run away from the explosion but I wasn’t fast enough, “said Mr. Omollo, the burns on his limbs un d the underside of the body.

Mr. Paul Manasseh, a Boda Boda driver, only survived because he rushed to his house to get a canister.

” I had just gone home to get my canister when I heard a loud bang, followed by a fireball, and people screamed and ran towards the corn plantations when they called for help, ”said Mr Manasseh.

< At this point he mobilized other drivers and started helping the injured. They rushed some of the victims to the nearest health center while others were taken to the county hospital.

“It was a terrible scene. There was a pregnant woman sucking gasoline while another had her child on her back. They all perished in the fire, “said Mr. Manasseh.

The canisters filled with gasoline heated the fire because they were hidden in the corn plantations.

” We used wheelbarrows, to remove bodies from the crime scene There were many people who died just walking past without knowing what was going on. I am pleased with the way people have worked together to save lives, “said Mr. Manasseh.

The 13 bodies were taken to Yala Subdistrict hospital while five victims were admitted. < / p>

Mr. Brian Muganda, the nurse in charge, was busy treating patients all day.

“The five patients admitted here are pretty stable, but with this facility cannot handle burns of more than 68 percent, we were transferred 19 to the district hospital, ”said Mr. Muganda.

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