Jan 27, 2023

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Shock as three die in suspected pact suicide at Embakasi hotel

Three people who had booked a single hotel room were found dead yesterday at a hotel in Pipeline, Nairobi, in what police suspect a suicide pact.

The trio, a man known as Boniface Muchiri , 28, Phillip Murefu Simiyu, 63, and an unidentified lady were found lifeless in a booked room in the Chairman’s Lounge while holding each other’s shoulders with lips tightly pressed together.

Police records show this was Mr Muchiri, who had booked the three into the hotel room around 12.35am on Monday.

However, a maid identified as Caroline Mbulwa smelled a rat when the three did not check out the next morning and When they didn’t respond to her frequent knocks on her door by 2:00 pm, she knew something was wrong.

She informed her boss of the situation, who then referred the matter to the local police located Kware police station.

The police rushed to the hotel, where the room was still locked from the inside.

“Entrance to room m was gained by breaking door panels and revealing the lifeless bodies of two Men and one woman were found lying on the bed holding each other by the shoulders and pressing their lips tightly together,” the police report said.

However, this case was a special one, as the police found that there were no signs of struggle or injuries to the victims.

During the search of the room, two ID cards with the names of Mr. Muchiri and Mr. Simiyu were recovered from the crime scene.

The crime scene was documented by crime scene investigators and the bodies were taken to the city morgue to await autopsy while police attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding the deaths.