Jan 23, 2022

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SRC approves allowances for State administrators

The payment, announced yesterday by the Home Office, comes after a two-year waiting period.

Specific payment plans were not provided, but sources said the allowances included in that month’s salaries , The spectrum ranges from Sh 7,000 for deputy chiefs to Sh 80,000 for regional commissioners.

The allowances are subject to taxation.

“The human resources available in the administrative officials of the national government” The structure has been stretched, forcing the administrators to assume almost the usual responsibility, “said Interior Minister Karanja Kibicho in the statement.

Kenya is administratively divided into eight regions, 47 counties, 290 subdistricts. Each unit is owned by one Administration officials of the national government.

In addition, a number of officials of the national administration are seconded to other government agencies.

Imp Removal Services

It is these officials who will receive the new external allowance.

“The Ministry of the Interior is happy to recognize this relevant step in motivating officials to improve services. Dr. Kibicho added.

The additional duties on the shoulders of the officials include coordinating, overseeing and reporting on government development projects in their area of ​​responsibility.

These changes came in January 2019, when the President Uhuru Kenyatta transferred responsibility for coordinating national development projects from the office of Vice President William Ruto to Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i.

This meant that the roles of Dr. Matiang’i have been delegated to everyone at the national level

There are six national levels of government and coordination.

At the head is the regional commissioner, followed by the district commissioner, sub-county commissioner, Deputy District Commissioner, the Chief and the Deputy Chief.

New responsibilities

They all ensure that the government’s presence is felt right down to the grassroots.

Her responsibilities include crime prevention. Kenyatta instructed the SRC to consider granting field allowances to national government officials.

“The allowance was approved after careful consideration of the administrators’ remuneration – by the deputy Chief up to the regional commissioner – granted according to the nature of their work and the risks to which they are exposed on site, ”said Dr. Kibicho yesterday>

“In determining the allowances, the Civil Service Commission and the SRC also took into account the additional responsibilities, the strangeness of their roles, the fairness and equity towards other civil servants and the far-reaching effects on fiscal sustainability payroll across the public sector. “

Police officers are also pushing for similar allowances and citing an increase in their workload, especially since the country recorded its first case of coronavirus in March last year.

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