Oct 21, 2021

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SRC kicks off review of civil servants allowances

Civil servants will receive new allowances from April next year after a review by the Salaries and Compensation Commission.

All public institutions would have to submit a list of the allowances currently paid by November 30 for review.

The Commission is also changing the payment of allowances in absolute terms rather than percentages.

The Commission has also restructured allowances from 247 to five general categories. Government agencies that do not submit the lists will no longer request allowances.

The chairman of the SRC said that the allowances reviewed would be implemented in different phases.

“If we have guidelines issue, we will not have them implemented at the same time, “said Mengich.

The SRC went on to say that governors have no mandate to set allowances. This follows a bill that provides for governors’ salaries and perks for county employees.

“At the moment the law is pending, we will take the necessary steps if this happens.”