Oct 21, 2021

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Standards bureau, DCI and DPP in trouble over collapsed buildings

The DCI and DPP are on the scene for failing to prosecute fraudulent private property developers and unscrupulous contractors in connection with the rampant building collapse.

Government officials in the Department for Public Works said Tuesday MPs are frustrated with the inaction of investigative and law enforcement agencies.

They also raised concerns about the Kenya Bureau of Standards allowing the sale of substandard goods used in construction work Cement and metals used to reinforce the joists.

Led by Works Secretary Alphonse Okweto, building inspectors said the criminal police and prosecutor had not yet taken action against culprits in connection with collapsed buildings.

Okweto also requested that the Kebs review the standards for building materials to check the quality.

” Some ingredients may not be in our cement. The width of D12 is also not 12 mm as with Y12. Kebs must allow a low quality. We have to wonder why the price of items like cement is low, “said Okweto.

He said the collapse of buildings was due to poor workmanship, short-cuts by contractors, use of substandard materials and inadequate construction is.

“Some owners change specifications after approval,” Okweto said.

This was even known as the Transportation Committee chaired by Pokot South MP David Pkosing reported that at least 21 people had died in collapsed buildings in the last six months.

The deliberations revealed that there was a lack of coordination between the Board of Governors, the Kenyan engineering office, the Ministry of Housing and the National Building Authority. < / p>

“The problem is that the agencies work in silos. Some authorities do not carry out inspections in a timely manner. This is weighty business. We will review the report of our study and make appropriate recommendations in 14 days, “said Pkosing.

He welcomed the NCA’s efforts to contain cases of building collapses, said DCI chief George Kinoti and the Board of Governors Housing Committee The Chair is invited to provide his views on the matter.

“As the governors are the first building permits, they should report the permits to the relevant authorities for an appropriate follow-up,” said Pkosing.

< MPs said they were concerned about the authorities' ability to regulate and ensure contractors comply with rules and regulations.

Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi criticized the district governments for doing so this does not authorize most of the construction work.

Kipkelion West MP Hillary Kosgey said, “There is a coordination problem and negligence of the district governments.

” As in the case l in Kisumu in the referral hospital, how can a district government NCA ignore? There is a problem. Most of the buildings are not approved. What is the problem? “

The SFBC boss Margaret Ogai told the MPs that the board of directors was gripped by concerns about the lack of coordination and added that the laxity was in the supervision phase. < / p>

“Building permits are issued in the counties. Laxity is in the oversight phase. We have also found cases of forgery of documents. We have teamed up to fill operational gaps, “said Ogai.

” There are gaps and we’ve started engagements. We will take up the issues raised by members. ”

As for coordination, Okweto said that all agencies involved in public works are copied communications on a project.

NCA Compliance Director Maurice Aketch said: “We have started working together to ensure the safety and quality of buildings. During the approval process, we ensure that the experts are properly certified.

“The current system is silo-based. We are working on an integrated construction information system. “

The incumbent CoG boss Mary Mwiti said:” It is time we got each other involved. Public institutions must work in the common interest of Kenyans. ”

Published by Kiilu Damaris