Jul 28, 2021

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State asks for more time to trace missing businessman Bashir

The 35-year-old Somali-American disappeared nine days ago and has not been tracked down by his family since.

“The only reason governments are all over World There is security for their people. When such a crime occurs, it is only appropriate to minimize speculation and inference on the matter and allow investigators to do their job, “said Kibicho.

” This is a serious matter that doesn’t just require an answer from us. The family’s petition wants details and we have no formal answer with us, ”added Kibichio.

Mr Kibichio told MPs that it would be unfair for the security authorities to respond immediately Responses to the committee while the matter requires detailed information on the businessman’s whereabouts.

The family lawyer, Alibhai Hassan, described Mr. Bashir in all of his dealings for the five years he was as a straightforward person I was in business.

Mr. Hassan said Mr. Bashir has some projects, both commercial and personal, in Lavington and Kileleshwa in Nairobi. He has also worked in the construction industry and carried out several government projects, notably at Kibuye Market in Kisumu.

He asked if Mr. Bashir’s disappearance could be linked to a business who got mad with his staff in either Somalia or Kenya, Mr. Hassan said his client was an honest man.

“He was always ready to share, he wasn’t the jack of all trades. He was careful not to bring politics into his business, “said Hassan.

The attorney said they were in contact with the Ohio State Senator where Mr. Bashir was staying in America , and have promised any kind of support the family might need.

Deputy Inspector General Noor Gabow advised the Parliamentary Security Committee that the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is dealing with the matter under investigation, including his car being burned.

“The DCI is investigating the matter as a missing person case and the arson of his motor vehicle as it has not yet been determined that he is dead to Mialle and is following his movement from where he was last seen and there was also a homicide team involved, ”Gabow told MPs.

The missing businessman’s father-in-law, Mr Rashid Ali, said , they had since After the disappearance of her relatives there was no more peace and her daughter had no sleep in the last eight days.

“My family ily has missed the peace that they used to enjoy. My daughter, who has just given birth, cries every day and every night. We have no peace at all as a family, we need help. “Mr. Ali said people shouldn’t just go away without the government providing answers on their whereabouts.

” This country is not special or better than Ethiopia and Somalia, where people because of such Cases have destroyed their own country, “Ali said.

The family has already petitioned the National Assembly asking for help from the National Police Service, the DCI and MPs for help the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATU) confirming whether or not Bashir is in their care.

In the petition, the family wants to know the date, time and place where Mr. Mohammed was arrested when he is actually in custody. The police custody.

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