Oct 19, 2021

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Stephen Muriithi, the ex-spy boss who sued Moi to the grave

Muriithi’s lawyer Paul Mwangi tweeted on Monday that he died at 9:30 a.m. in Nairobi hospital after a long illness. He was 84 years old.

“It is with sadness that the family of Mwangi Stephen Muriithi inform the public that the legend has rested this morning,” wrote Mr Mwangi.

The former intelligence officer sued Moi in 2011 and High Court Judge Jeanne Gacheche ruled in his favor.

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The judge said that Muriithi’s detention without trial was not for public safety, but for Moi to gain a commercial advantage and impair his freedoms and rights.

The retired president appealed and in 2014 the appeals court saved him from paying the former intelligence chief over Sh1.9 billion.

The appeals court overturned the decision, saying Moi was not personally for Muriithis Imprisonment because it is a government measure.

Judges John Mwera, Daniel Musinga and William Ouko also said Muriithi had failed to prove the losses he claimed o suffered while in custody.

“Claims by Mr. Muriithi that he had three companies with Moi to determine the proportion of the shares have not been proven. His claims that Moi sold and transferred some of the land were also not proven, ”the judges ruled.

The case continues

Thereafter, Muriithi applied to the Court of Appeal for a certificate. He asked for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court, but his motion was denied.

He went straight to the Supreme Court and the motion was granted, but Moi died on the day the case was up Negotiation has been scheduled. force an adjournment.

He later replaced Senior Counsel Zehrabanu Janmohamed in the case, an executor of Moi’s estate.

Last month, Muriithi was notified that a hearing would be held on July 22nd His attorney, Mr. Mwangi, said his instruction prior to his death was that he should proceed with the appeal.

“I can confirm that his instruction on his deathbed through his son was that I was his case until the end, ”he said.

The two men literally fought to the grave.

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