Jun 15, 2021

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Strathmore trio on track to win business and innovation award

The trio whose agricultural idea impressed the judges is Dastin Kakira, a Strathmore graduate with a masters degree in telecommunications engineering and the executive director, Ghislain Mastaki, a commercial graduate and chief financial officer, and David Ikundji, a network engineering student at the DePaul University in Chicago and Chief Technology Officer.

Founded in 2010, the Hult Prize Challenge is the world’s largest social impact competition organized in partnership with the United Nations.

Every year students worldwide compete to solve a pressing social problem related to food security, access to water, energy and education by developing a scalable and sustainable social enterprise.

The finalists face a jury of judges , Industry Captains, and Thought leaders for a chance to raise $ 1 million in seed capital. Former US President Bill Clinton chooses the challenge theme every year and announces the winner in September.

To reach the finals, students first fight at their universities to qualify for the regional competition, from which they emerge The winner will be selected to advance to the accelerator program. This is an eight-week event where six top teams compete against each other in the global finals in New York City, USA.

Hult Prizechallenge

This year’s theme is ” Eat forever “. On Saturday, Strathmore University hosted the regional Impact Summit, which was attended by over 40 teams from all over Africa. However, due to the pandemic, the event was virtual.

” It was interesting because we actually found it easier, contrary to our worries, to manage the event online, ”said Dorcas Otieno, Faculty Director at The Hult Prize in Strathmore, Nation told Nation .

The event started on Friday at 5:00 p.m. where the teams were briefed on pitching and presentation.

The event was welcomed by keynote speakers such as Farhia Jama from Holby Training Solutions and recently a Parklands TedX spokeswoman, Sonia Kabra, Winner of the Hult Prize 2016 and Grü von Buupass, Humam Dweik, organizer of the Hult Prize, and Dr. Vincent Ogutu, Vice Chancellor-designate of Strathmore University / p>

A virtual event meant the organizational team had to work differently.

“One of the biggest challenges was the internet connection. To address this issue, we asked the teams to send recorded video pitches to be played live during the competition, ”said Cliff Nyakundi, Regional Director of the Hult Prize Africa.

Strong performance

Kivu Sokoni, who put on a strong performance on the Strathmore University campus earlier this year, was a regional hit.

“The win for us is an affirmation that we stand on the right way, ”said Kakira.

Kivu Sokoni is a semi-online marketplace that connects farmers and local suppliers and manufacturers with consumers.

Putting creates an integrated value chain Existing logistical and technological infrastructures to support all important players.

“Kivu was characterized by the fact that its idea has already been tried and tested. The team has generated sales and profits with its prototype and has already won its partners, ”said Murad Rayani, executive producer of the corporate TV show“ The Lions Den ”and one of the judges of the competition to Nation . < / p>

The companies want to increase agricultural production and strengthen farmers in the province of Kivu in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, especially women.

Kevin Maina is a communication and media student at the Kenyatta University.

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