Sep 21, 2021

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Taking the jab helped me beat deadly Delta variant

On March 12th, he took his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. He then waited as recommended and took the second dose on August 23rd.

However, one day after receiving his Covid-19 vaccination card, he fell ill and sought treatment Embu. Level Five Hospital, where a nasal swab was taken and tests showed he had Covid-19.

“My mind raced back as I tried to find out who infected me could . I’m easy to get along with and probably got it from friends, ”he said.

He was taken aback when the doctors told him he was dealing with the deadly Delta Variant had infected but when he announced he was fully vaccinated and they assured him there was no cause for concern.

Isolate yourself

Thanks to the vaccination, the doctors said, all he had to do was isolate himself to protect others.

He would patients with the viral disease do not need oxygen support or expensive intensive care.

Mr Fundi, the chief communications officer of the Embu district government, says the news left him despite the assurance shaken.

“In the face of so many infections and deaths as there are daily in letters from the health minister Ministry announced, I didn’t think I’d get through, “he told the nation.

A panicked Mr. Fundi launched a social media update Tour where he gave out every detail about his health several times a day.

“I also made several calls and sent WhatsApp messages to friends and family about the results inform. It was the beginning of a pretty fun learning process, “he says.

He says he thought he was lying about his health to get attention and sympathy.

His biggest concern back then was that he might have infected his wife and son.

Immediate concern

The doctors made it clear to him that, as a confirmed patient, he should have been his immediate concern and not others. The most important decision that lay ahead of him, the doctors advised him, was where he would be isolated and treated, since there was no hospital bed.

“Self-isolation had to start, but where? Should it be in the village where I would be in close family care but risk infecting my family, or should it be in my modest apartment where I do not put anyone in danger but then have no one to watch me? ”< / p>

“In any case, the isolation began in a remote apartment building,” he reveals. However, he was happy that his wife and his seven year old son were doing well.

Mr Fundi says the doctors told him that his decision to get vaccinated was both saved his life and his finances.


“My treatment included painkillers, sleeping pills, vitamin pills, Zinc tablets, lots of fruit, and lemon juice.

At a time when families are grappling with overwhelming bills for unvaccinated Covid-19 patients, my expenses never exceeded US $ 20,000 Dollars, ”he said.

” I was condemned to a lonely life with just my phone and laptop.

” In the 14 days that I was isolated, I also discovered that there are very few real friends in life, “he said.

After testing negative and ending his isolation On Tuesday, Mr. Fundi resumed his life with very profound life lessons.