Aug 18, 2022

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Team University moves to Kampala court to stop Sakaja degree probe

The saga surrounding Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja’s academic credentials has taken a new turn after Team University, the institution from which lawmakers claim to have graduated, filed an injunction to to prevent the Ugandan government from investigating the matter.

The Kampala-based university, which is already under investigation by the Ugandan Council for Higher Education (NCHE), has filed two cases in the Kampala High Court that to be heard this afternoon.

Mr Sakaja, who is planning to run for governor in Nairobi, is currently being investigated on suspicion of falsifying his degree.

He is also defending himself before the Supreme Court following dispute settlement procedures of the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC). The committee declined to drop him from the race after the legitimacy of his degree was questioned.

This came after the Commission on University Education (CUE) revoked an earlier recognition of the degree that Sakaja pr submitted for approval to run for governor.

Nairobi Senator is vying for United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket

And now Team University in Kampala has asked Judge Jamson Karemani of the High Court in Kampala to enter an injunction preventing the NCHE from investigating the degree it allegedly conferred on the senator or otherwise affecting the qualifications awarded to the applicant,” the statement said List of causes on the Uganda Judiciary’s website for the cases scheduled to hear today.

Interestingly, NCHE had already washed their hands on the matter for the Government Inspectorate (IG) can complete their own investigation.

Mr. Sakaja claims to have studied and received a Bachelor of Science in Management (external) from Team University in 2016.

“NCHE has Investigations launched to establish the authenticity of the Bachelor of Science in Management (External) Degree awarded to Sakaja Johnson Arthur by Team University. However, before our investigation was completed, the IG also launched an investigation into the same matter and therefore stayed our lawsuit,” NCHE Executive Director Prof Mary Okwakol said in a letter to Kenya’s CUE.

On Monday, the Senator, who has claimed all along that he studied actuarial science at the University of Nairobi, said that the voter seeking his expulsion from the governorship only wants to expose him to public humiliation.

“He (the petitioner) places undue restrictions on my candidacy by instituting frivolous lawsuits both at the IEBC Dispute Resolution Committee and in this very immediate petition,” Mr. Sakaja told the court.

Both cases should being negotiated today in Kampala and Nairobi