Jun 18, 2021

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The plot, the blunders and killing of Kiru school principal

Ms. Muthoni, who awaits her conviction after being found guilty of killing former Kiru Boys High School headmaster Solomon Mbuthi, had long suspected that her husband had one Had a relationship with Ms. Kimindiri.

She initially wanted Ms. Kimindiri to be murdered. However, the plan collapsed after their assassins claimed the target’s business in Kiriaini, Murang’a, was too close to a police station, making it difficult to kidnap.

However, since she did not know that she had hired amateurs to kill Ms. Kimindiri, Ms. Muthoni, who now wanted her husband to be killed, again commissioned Isaac Nganga alias Gikuyu and Joseph Kariuki alias Karis with the new job. It was a disastrous failure that, as she would later find out, made it easy for the police to link her husband’s murder to her.

Just a normal guy

Gikuyu was just a normal guy selling Miraa from a kiosk in Gatundu. Icaciri Secondary School, where Ms. Muthoni was the headmaster, is also in Gatundu. Karis, on the other hand, was an advertising medium in one of the matatus on the Ruiru-Nairobi route. None of them had a criminal history or police records.

So incompetent were the assassins that Gikuyu was found after the kiru wearing Mr. Mbuthi’s size 10 CAT athletic shoes The headmaster was murdered. Karis, on the other hand, struck a deal with prosecutors and spilled the beans over how the murder was planned and carried out. In return, he was sentenced to a reduced sentence for manslaughter.

The first meeting to plan the murder of Mr Mbuthi took place sometime in June 2016 at the Tree Shade Hotel on Thika Road The meeting was Ms. Muthoni, Karis, Gikuyu and Nelson Njiru Magati. Mr. Njiru, who was also Ms. Muthoni’s lover, recruited Karis and Gikuyu for the job.


Karis and Gikuyu were each given Sh.50,000 as an advance payment for the job and to keep them interested during the meeting. However, it would take another five months for the plan to execute.

“Njiru called me occasionally to let me know the job was still going,” Karis later told Tell Bring it to the court.

After months of waiting, a date has finally been set for the murder to be carried out. It should take place on Friday evening of November 4th, 2016. Njiru called Karis and Gikuyu and told them to meet at the Texas Bar in Kimbo, Ruiru, before moving on to Kiriaini, where Ms. Muthoni would sneak them into her husband’s compound / p>

Once on the premises, the three – Njiru, Karis and Gikuyu – were supposed to stay tucked away in the car with a rope, waiting for a narcotic drug that Ms. Muthoni should administer to her husband to take effect. The drug was later identified as xylene, a potent sedative used in veterinary treatments, by Joyce Wairimu, a government chemist who performed toxicology on Mr. Mbuthi’s body, and the drug went into effect. Ms. Muthoni should call me and Gikuyu to come with the rope and finish the job, ”Karis told the court.

rental car

A car for the job, a white Toyota Sienta license plate KCF 405R, was immediately hired for the job by Njiru from Robert Kimani. In his statement to investigators, Mr. Kimani said Njiru should return it the next day.

“He kept changing the time he was supposed to return but eventually brought it back on Monday, November 7th, ”recalled Mr. Kimani.

After Karis, Njiru and Gikuyu got a car and had a plan, they drove to Murang with Ms. Muthoni ‘ a on the bike. Karis and Gikuyu sat in the back, safely hidden by the tinted windows of the car, while Njiru sat in the passenger seat.

Second big mistake

This was your second big mistake in the mission you were supposed to be carrying out.

Mistake number one was the multiple communications on your cell phones that day before the meeting at the Texas Bar. The fact that the four of them fell in love with each other Mobile phones were later used by investigators to easily place them at the scene.

Evidence from Faisal Juma, a law enforcement liaison officer from Safaricom, and Vincent Mbaabu Airtel-produced report was able to provide Justice Joel Ngugi with credible evidence of how the four were tracked from their departure from Ruiru to Kiriaini and back.

“To transfer calls or texts to a phone , “listen” to cell towers (masts) for a signal sent by the phone and “negotiate” which tower can best communicate with the phone. When the phone changes location, the antenna towers monitor the signal and the phone is “roamed” accordingly to an adjacent tower, “explained Juma.

” By identifying with which one Cell tower communicates a particular phone, you can approximate the location of the phone, ”he said.

A trace of the cell phones belonging to the four showed that they were all shortly before 6pm in Ruiru left and arrived in Kiriaini around 10:30 p.m. Njiru was dropped off here and Karis, Gikuyu and Ms. Muthoni went to Kiru Boys High School about 3 kilometers away.

At the gate they were let in David Gachoka, a security guard. Since it was the director’s wife who drove in, Mr. Gachoka did not bother to perform a security check on the vehicle or to see if anyone was still in the car.

“She asked us not to lose the security dogs as she would go out again. I immediately informed the other security guard on duty, Mr. Peter Wachira, about the request from the director’s wife, ”Gachoka told the investigators.

Request for milk

Two hours later, around 12:30 pm, Mr. Mbuthi called Mr. Gachoka and asked for some milk from the school kitchen. The guard did what he was told, but when he went to the director’s house, he found Ms. Muthoni sitting in the driver’s seat of the Toyota Sienta that she had pulled into the parking lot. When Ms. Muthoni saw Mr. Gachoka, she instructed him to leave the milk in an adjoining house.

He did as he was told and left. What the guard didn’t know was that at that very time and under his nose, a serious crime was taking place. Behind the tinted windows of the car that the director’s wife was in were two assassins brought in to kill Mr. Mbuthi.

The director was already there had been poisoned with xylene an hour earlier and probably asked for milk to relieve the pain he was feeling. Even so, the plan didn’t work because Mr. Mbuthi wasn’t so taken aback that Karis and Gikuyu were asked to strangle him.

After the failure of the plan, Ms. Muthoni drove Karis and Gikuyu to Othaya in Nyeri so that they could return to their homes in Kiambu on board matatus. On the way they chose Njiru, who was waiting for them in Kiriaini.

The next day (Saturday) Njiru Karis called and informed him that the plan was still going and that he was put him in touch with a contact who would sell him a better anesthetic drug to be given to Mr. Mbuthi.

In the meantime, Mr. Mbuthi and Ms. Muthoni from Kiriaini had traveled to the Icaciri Secondary School, where they arrived around 6.30pm in the evening. Apparently the couple were scheduled to tour some properties in Uriithi, Kiambu on Sunday before Mr Mbuthi traveled back to Kiriaini, where he had to select KCSE exam papers to begin on Monday.

When they got to Icaciri, Ms. Muthoni apologized and said she was expecting a package that had not been delivered. She immediately left and drove to the Muigai Inn in Juja, 19 miles away.

Apparently the contact who directed Karis to get the narcotic drug from Njiru was the same one who would meet Mrs. Muthoni. Ms. Muthoni arrived on site just before Njiru. In fact, Karis arrived when Ms. Muthoni chose the drug.

“I saw Ms. Muthoni sitting in the Toyota Sienta while a stranger opened the front door and left. I assumed that a transaction with the mchele (street name for narcotic drugs) had taken place between her and the stranger, ”recalls Karis.


Around noon on Sunday, Njiru Karis called and informed him that there was still work to be done and that he should go to Kenyatta Road. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Muthoni called Karis and told him to meet in Ndarugo on Uriithi properties. He proceeded there as instructed. Karis was the first to arrive. Ms. Muthoni and a dazed Mr. Mbuthi arrived at the Toyota Sienta shortly afterwards.

Maliza kazi (quit the job)” instructed Ms. Muthoni an

When Karis hesitated, Ms. Muthoni barked: “Kwani wewe in muoga (are you a coward)”, to which Karis replied: “You might as well be yours Kill husband. “

Annoyed by Karis’ reluctance, Ms. Muthoni got back in the car and sped away, but returned briefly and told Karis that her husband was already too drugged and there was no way she was going to bring him home.

Then she asked Karis to find out how far Gikuyu was. Karis called Gikuyu and it turned out that it wasn’t very far. When Gikuyu arrived, the three of them got into the car and drove in the direction of the Karakuta coffee farm After driving in silence for a long time, Ms. Muthoni suddenly stopped and said in Kikuyu: “ Ni hau (It is here). As if on cue, Gikuyu, who, according to a testimony from Karis, was sitting behind Mr Mbuthi, went into action.

“He suddenly took the rope that was in the vehicle and put it Mr Mbuthi around the neck and pulled it, “remembered Karis.

Dragged into the thicket

Then dragged the headmaster about 100 meters into a small thicket where he was told to sit down. Gikuyu tied Mr. Mbuthi’s hands, took three soiled sackcloth he came with and covered the head, torso and legs of the headmaster. Scene Gikuyu took off the rubber boots he was wearing. He also took Mr. Mbuthi’s shoes, tried them on, and found that they fitted him well. The two went back to the place where they had left Ms. Muthoni, but did not find her or the car.

They took a shortcut to Kenyatta Road and went their separate ways . Karis and Gikuyu never saw each other again, and neither did they meet Njiru or Ms. Muthoni, who was supposed to pay them the balance for the job.

Mister Mbuthi, who was next tomorrow (Nov. 8), when KCSE was supposed to collect exam papers from the Murang’a County Education Bureau, did not show up and set off an alarm to search for his whereabouts. Of course, media houses sent journalists to Icaciri Secondary School, where they were received by a tearful Muthoni.

“It’s not easy. I don’t know whether to use Kikuyu or English, but it’s not easy, especially for me as a mother, ”Ms. Muthoni told journalists.

Mr. Mbuthi’s body became discovered four days later.

His widow and Gikuyu were arrested eight days later.

They will be convicted on May 18th after he was convicted of the murder of Mr Mbuthi.

In the meantime, Njiru disappeared without a trace and is still missing four years later.

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