Dec 9, 2021

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This man Warioba Kibaso: Inside look at new prisons boss

Brigadier (rtd) Warioba, a former soldier reportedly on his final vacation when the new job was called, served as the Sector 2 Commander of the African Union Mission to Somalia (Amisom) in the lower and lower middle region Juba regions in 2016.

He was the commandant of the infantry school in Isiolo County, the main task of which is to respond to land-based attacks from other countries.

He was also the commandant the Military Academy in Nakuru, a basic training center for officers in the Kenyan armed forces.

In this role he was responsible for planning and training troop contingents en route to Somalia, where the Kenyan armed forces have been fighting Al -Shabaab fighters together with troops from four other East African countries.

In 2015 he was appointed by President Uhuru. Received the Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS) from the Head of State Kenyatta in recognition of his outstanding and outstanding service to the nation.

The commendation came months after his promotion to Brigadier General on July 30, 2014 and his appointment Amisom commander in a series of promotions that also saw then Chief of Defense, Gen. Robert Kibochi, Brigadier, promoted major general, and appointed in command of Defense Staff College.

Appointed Commander of Moi Air Base. < / p>

He is now in charge of the troubled prison department after three terrorist convicts – Musharaf Abdalla Akhulunga, Mohamed Ali Abikar and Joseph Juma Odhiambo – fled the heavily guarded facility “removing part of the wall” leading to their cell block in the maximum security prison Kamiti leads.

Disciplinary measures

His inbox is already full because he is now disciplinary Measures must be taken against all prison staff on duty if the security breach occurred, a measure his predecessor had not taken immediately after reporting the incident.

Mr Wycliffe Ogallo is due to be released on Wednesday morning, days after the incident Al-Qaeda-related terrorists went missing.

The facility’s first report of the escape was found to be misleading by a team led by Interior Minister Fred Matiang’i, who went to prison on Monday evening. < / p>

“We went to the place where the escape supposedly happened and formed certain opinions. We don’t want to discuss this because we don’t want to interfere with the work of the DCI, ”said Dr. Matiang’i.

A prison breakout public notice also spanned the time of the incident on Nov. 15 at around 1:00 am, while a nation-viewed internal security report on the daily occurrences said the trio were against Escaped her cell at 10:00 a.m.

The prison staff also hope they will address the longstanding problem of promotions that they say has hurt their morale.

Tension at Magereza House is growing over expected staff transfers as the new boss settles in and reshapes the department to ensure accountability and prevent similar escapes by inmates.

This, the President said, would die To honor many Kenyans who have lost their lives and the enormous sacrifices security agencies have made to destroy, dismantle and defeat terrorist networks.

“As part of the government’s response to the security breaches in the highest prison in Kamiti, which led to the flight of three terrorist convicts, the president has instructed the cabinet secretary for home affairs and coordination of the national government and all security formations to take all necessary measures and to pursue the Kamiti refugees with all available means, “it says in a State House statement said.

Mr. Warioba holds a Masters of Arts degree in International Security and Strategy from King’s College, London.

He also has an advanced degree in Military Management from Devi Ahilya University, formerly Indore University in India.