Sep 19, 2021

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Three officers sat with Embu brothers, court papers reveal

In search of lenient bail conditions, officials say Prosecutor Noordin Haji and the Independent Police Oversight Authority (Ipoa) have given in to public pressure to charge them with murder and ignored material evidence. < / p>

Benson Mputhia, Consolata Njeri, Martin Wanyama, Nicholas Sang, Lillian Cherono and James Mwaniki insist that brothers Emmanuel Mutura and Benson Njiru be an eyewitness on the night of the year The vehicle was seen jumping August 1st on its way to the Manyatta Police Station.

Part of the evidence includes a sketch of the seating arrangement in the vehicle in which Mr Mutura and Mr Njiru are alongside eight other inmates are seated.

The sketch that the Nation saw shows that Ms. Cherono, Mr. Wanyama and

Mr. Sang sat with the 10 prisoners in the back of the Toyota Land Cruiser. While officers say three of them were in the back, all claim that only one inmate saw Mr. Mutura and Mr. Njiru jump out of the moving vehicle The arrangement was that Mr. Mwaniki drove the police Land Cruiser used in patrol registration GKB 277, and Mr. Mputhia and Ms. Njeri sat in the front seat while Mr. Wanyama, Mr. Sang and Ms. Cherono were seated in the back. “

Defense attorney Danstan Omari asked the court to grant them a mild bail on bail on the grounds that the investigation against Ipoa had been concluded and could not be intervened.

< p class = "align - justify"> Mr. Omari has argued that the DPP has ignored sections of the law that provide for an investigation if someone dies in police custody.

Justice Daniel Ogembo will hear the bail requests September 22nd

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