Aug 9, 2022

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Three top lawyers declare interest in LSK presidency

Lawyers Omwanza Ombati, Nairobi-based Eric Theuri and Nakuru City-based Bernard Kipkoech Ng’etich have expressed their interest in the LSK top seat in the March 17 election.

Mr Nelson Havi, whose tenure 18 months at the helm of LSK has been riddled with drama and controversy, has announced he will seek a political seat in the August 9 election.

On Thursday, the LSK Secretariat announced the removal of Known Mr. Havi as its President and replaced him with Linda Kiome, Chair of the Mt. Kenya Branch, as Interim President. Mr. Mathew Nyabena was appointed as LSK Vice-Chairman.

Mr. Ombati, who said he was the most qualified person to succeed Mr. Havi, pledged his offer of sober leadership at the LSK, which numbers more than 17,000 nationwide members.

Sober leadership

“I want to reassure attorneys across the country that if I am elected the next President of the LSK, I will offer sober leadership,” said Herr Ombati.

He said his record speaks for itself, citing the legal services he provided during the 2017 presidential petition to LSK.

Mr Ombati said if elected, he will ensure that lawyers practice in a conducive environment without intimidation from government or police.

Mr Theuri, who is also the chairman of LSK’s Nairobi office, said he had a vision to help the society change and help her find her lost ones regain glory.

He said that if elected he would push for the inclusion of policies and laws making it mandatory to involve lawyers in the formulation of legal policies in Kenya.

“I want attorneys to sit at the same negotiating table on matters affecting our practice, and this is an agenda I will push hard if I am elected LSK’s next President,” said Mr. Theuri.< /p>

Nakuru City attorney Bernhard Kipkoech Ng’etich has thrown his hat in the ring.

Strategic partnerships

“If elected, I will vote for deploy a predictable court calendar for training, workshops and seminars for courts and tribunals as well as ski jumps g Devolution of an organized LSK branch and cascading of an efficient and realigned secretariat across all eight branches,” said Mr. Ng’etich, who is a former he is the chairman of the LSK Rift Valley branch.

Mr. Ng’etich, who is also a representative of the LSK Council in the highlands, said he would seek standing orders for better cooperation with the police, to develop the land registries and the registrar of companies.

“I will establish strategic partnerships with the judiciary, Attorney General , the Office of the Director of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Constitutional Commissions, and unite senior, middle and junior lawyers and build Have a seamless and peaceful succession plan,” said Mr. Ng’etich.

He pledged to support young lawyers to attend international conferences and build networks if elected.

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