Jan 20, 2022

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To resolve school unrest, talk more and wield the cane less

Schools have reopened for the third term and in some cases penalties are imposed on those involved in the riots.

While erroneous behavior must be censured and punished, there is a need to stand up report the cause of the problem so that such criminal cases do not recur. While the reasons for the unrest have remained mysterious, the role of counselor is still key to addressing this recurring challenge.

The mental health issue arises from the demands of schools and peer pressure, especially due to differences in business class among learners has been seen as a major cause of these incidents.

I would argue that the notion of “I am an adult” imposed by school administrators is a mistake that can end in terrible tragedies that, if not controlled, they can lead to a culture of indiscipline.

Future leaders of the country

When university students are labeled as adults, they are overwhelmed. Most of their decisions have dire consequences, including death. Just as we have seen in elementary and secondary schools, the same case would have been evident in universities if the students had been less interactive with their faculty and administrators. Lively advisory departments have also been set up at universities.

Lecturers and administrators should also take time with the students to inform them about useful ways to deal with situations before the students commit suicide.

< p> Preventive At other levels of education, measures should be taken to avert tragedy and protect the country’s future leaders.

It is not enough to swing the stick, school principals should reach out to students before the anger boiled over.

Solutions to crises should be found before things get out of hand. Sometimes such guidance and arguments are needed to avert tragedy.

Peter Musyoki Munyao is a student at Kirinyaga University.

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