Jun 13, 2021

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Trouble for Mukhisa Kituyi as police open probe into woman’s assault claim

This came after Police Inspector Hillary Mutyambai ordered the Coast Regional Police chief to open an investigation into allegations against the former chief of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Coast Regional Commander, Mr Paul Mr Ndambuki told Nation.Africa that the police had already collected testimony from applicant Diana Opemi Lutta and three other witnesses while giving advice on a possible prosecution of Dr. Catch up with Kituyi.

“We already have an inquiry file at the Nyali police station. We still have to forward the file to the Office of the Director of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (ODPP) so that he can inform whether a crime has been committed, “he said on Thursday.

” The defendant has been contacted and we are awaiting his statement. He has promised to use her, “he added.

It is alleged that Dr. Kituyi assaulted Ms. Lutta on May 22, 2021 at a Mombasa hotel after allegedly having sexually assaulted her Actions had refused advances.

According to the event book, it was reported that Ms. Lutta was attacked by Dr. Kituyi on the grounds of the village of Tamarind.

“The report alleges that the accused defendant her off the bed and she fell to the floor, where he kicked her and injured his left knee, ”said the Nation.Africa police report.

The police chief claims the matter is still being investigated and that the case was not withdrawn, as reported by some.

“We do not know that this case has been withdrawn. A case is withdrawn if the parties are a green. I am not aware of any revocation. We are only following the complaint as it is, ”explained Mr. Ndambuki.

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