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Trouble in Moi’s paradise: Bitter succession battle erupts over his multibillion-shilling estate

During his 24-year tenure, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi managed to build one of the strongest and most stable business empires in Kenya.

With a successful political career and thriving business ventures, Mzee Moi amassed a great fortune while supporting his family was one of the richest in Kenya.

By the time of his death in 2019, Mzee Moi had amassed a colossal fortune worth over 340 billion Shash in property, cash and company shares.

But despite the immense wealth, his family managed to keep many of their disputes private, so little was made public.

The family seemed stable and peaceful until after his death, when publicity began to be somewhat to learn about the inner workings and the condition of the family.

The nation has realized that while the family wants to keep their affairs private, all is not well with the eh former family.

A bitter succession battle over his multi-billion dollar fortune and sibling rivalry are just a few of the struggles the family faces.

When he was alive, Mzee Moi made sure that he was keeping his family together and even made plans for a smooth division of his estate after his death. He drafted a will to regulate the distribution of his wealth among his eight children.

According to the written will filed with the Nairobi Family Court, Moi left a 931-hectare piece of land that was intended to be divided to his five sons: Jonathan Kipkemboi Toroitich Moi, Gideon Moi, Raymond Moi, Philip Moi, and John Mark Moi.

He gave clear instructions to his trustees at Kabarak University that the ancestral lands be divided equally among his sons who later gave their parcels to their children.

Moi also gave Sh 100 million each to each of his three daughters: Jennifer Chemutai Moi, June Chebet Moi and Doris Chekorir Moi.

Moi appointed attorney Zehrabanu Janmohamed as executor and trustee. The court granted her powers to administer and distribute the properties on October 9, 2020 after she was granted the probate grant of the written will.

However, execution of the will was derailed by power struggles between the family members of the former President and former Allies, who contested some of the estates listed in the will.

Moi’s grandson, Collins Kibet, who went to court over his alleged exclusion from his father Jonathan Toroitich’s estate and sought damages from his estate, Ms Janmohamed is accused of conspiring to disinherit him from his father’s assets.

According to Mr Kibet, the lawyer tried to deny him his rightful share of the inheritance by dividing some of his grandfather’s assets into three countries, as well as irregular transfers of some assets.

Mr. Kibet, whose late father was a Having had a difficult relationship with his grandfather is also embroiled in another succession battle with his stepmother Sylvia Moi over Jonathan Toroitich’s estate, a battle that’s getting ugly.

The grandson, who tried to join Sylvia Moi at the Co administrator made scathing accusations against her, saying she was responsible for his ailments, including his battle with alcoholism, unemployment and homelessness.

In court documents, Mr Kibet claimed that Sylvia Moi had him in his youth and pushed him into alcoholism and eventually into depression. She accused her of thwarting his efforts to cash in on his father’s estate.

He claimed his auto parts business collapsed after falling into a depression and being unable been able to carry out his duties, including caring for his two children, whom he fathered with his estranged wife, Gladys Jeruto Tagi.

“I have always taken care of my undisputed children and loved ones, but I cannot do this due to my bad financial situation,” Mr. Kibet explained in the documents.

He also revealed that the relationship between his late father and Sylvia Moi had broken down 10 years before his death, and blamed her to be unfaithful to his father.

Accordingly, according to Mr Kibet, Sylvia Moi has had “numerous” extramarital affairs, casting serious doubts about the paternity of her two children and his stepbrothers Clint and Clint d Wayne.

“Sylvia’s numerous and shameless affairs with several men, including my late father (JT) driver Kasule and my longtime friend Steve Samoei [were] a source of great pain and embarrassment to my father” , observed Mr. Kibet.

The Moi scion has threatened to go to court to request a paternity test for his two stepbrothers.

Sylvia Moi, on the other hand, has claimed that Mr Kibet is unfit to be appointed co-administrator because he is irresponsible and unable to provide for himself and his dependents.

She argued that her stepson had not completed his flight course in the US and dropped out of college before completing the course.

“He has proven time and time again that he lacks [a] sense of responsibility by abusing his fees, suffering from chronic alcoholism, neglecting his wife and children in Ameri ka and two others he got with Ms. Jeruto, which led to a court case in Nakuru, and has never shown any interest in doing anything worthwhile for herself,” Sylvia Moi said in court documents.

The widow is also battling two other women – Beatrice Mbuli and Faith Nyambura – for control of Jonathan Moi’s estate, esti paired to be worth over Sh30 million.

Apart from the succession issue, the Moi family are battling ahead of the 2022 general election, especially in Baringo and Nakuru counties.

During his reign, President Moi wielded immense power and determined who carried out murderous politics in the country and in his backyard of the Rift Valley.

Moi, who died on February 4, 2020, dominated Kenyan politics for more than a quarter of a century.

The former president, who succeeded Kenya’s founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta after his death on August 22, 1978, had earned the title “Politics Professor”.

But with less than three months to go before the 2022 election, Vice President William Ruto, a key Mois political rival, seems to have a strategy developed to end the Moi dynasty.

In Nakuru’s Rongai constituency, for example, Moi’s eldest son, Raymond Moi, is expected to run against UDA candidate Paul Chebor.

< p>Politics All analysts say the battle for the seat will be a one-on-one between Kanu and DP Rutos UDA.

The nation has noted that Dr. Ruto has devised a grand plan to destroy all of the Mois or their ‘projects’ in Nakuru and Baringo counties to cover the remaining tracks of Kanu.

Da Moi’s youngest son, Baringo’s Senator Gideon Moi, does not mind Interested in defending his seat is the UDA contender, Baringos North MP William Cheptumo will have an easy sail. Kanu has yet to field a candidate for the seat. If this is the case, the race becomes a major battle between the Independence Party and the UDA.

In Baringo, DP Ruto also ran candidates to limit the influence of the Moi family.

Philip Moi, 59, a retired army major and Moi’s fourth son, has also faced a court case following his dramatic divorce from his Italian wife Rossana Pluda in 2008.

His divorce case went to the end of the appeals court . After losing, he was sentenced to pay his former wife 2.8 million shillings in expenses.

He escaped from prison last year for contempt after failing to pay his debt. The court released him after it was found that he had paid part of his debt.