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Turk’s commando-style snatch eerily similar to Ocalan’s

Mr Gulen, the nephew of an influential clergyman accused of plotting to overthrow the Turkish government, was confiscated in a commando-style raid with eerie similarities to Öcalan’s.

February 1999 A private jet landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport with Mr. Ocalan, who was disguised as a prominent Cypriot journalist under the name of Lazaros Mavros.

Until then, Mr. Ocalan, the founder of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK)) , was one of the most wanted refugees in the world.

At home, the PKK and Öcalan government blamed the deaths of more than 44,000 people when they waged 15 years of armed struggle in Turkey and Iraq Recognition of a Kurdish state.

Öcalan arrived in Nairobi and was looking for a hiding place when seeking asylum in various countries including South Africa.

Before coming to Nairobi, Öcalan had makes e an attempt to go to Holland, says Gordon Thomas, author of Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad .

‘Black Operation’

Unknown to Öcalan, the then Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for help in catching the refugee.

Netanyahu instructs His Mossad boss Efraim Halevy started a “black operation” in which no one would ever find out about Israel’s involvement.

The Mossad team arrived in Nairobi on February 5, 1999 and pursued Öcalan on the premises of the Greek embassy in Nairobi, where he was hiding. Then they set up listening devices in the embassy.

When the Kenyan government discovered that the man who had arrived in Nairobi was not the Cypriot journalist under whose guise he was traveling, then Foreign Minister Bonaya Godana and the The Kenyan government put pressure on Öcalan to leave.

In the meantime, Öcalan had officially applied for asylum at the Greek embassy in Nairobi.

However, there was a problem.

<Öcalan had traveled with a forged passport and therefore could not leave without a new one. The Greeks were also unwilling to issue him with travel documents.

Sentenced to death

Back in Greece, the prime minister threatened to sack his three ministers, and they decided to go after “a football team” Nairobi with firm instructions – get Öcalan, code-named “Grandmother”, from the embassy and throw him in a local hotel.

That had to be done by Monday, February 15th, journalist and historian, John Kamau writes .

When Mr Godana provided a plane to fly Öcalan out of the country, the former finance minister gave him an ultimatum to leave Kenya before 7 p.m.

Öcalan declared himself ready to leave the country The Greek embassy believed he was being flown to Amsterdam. Instead of being escorted by embassy vehicles, he made the mistake of getting into an unmarked police vehicle without his helpers.

The Kenyans drove Öcalan to the airport and handed him over to Turkish agents who were waiting for him.

Öcalan should be sentenced to death for high treason, but his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 2002 when the death penalty was abolished.

The rebel remains locked in a prison in Turkey .

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