Jan 27, 2022

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Two mistresses desert county executive at Makueni Devolution Conference

County Officials Boycott Governors’ Ball

Senior officials from the 47 counties caused a stir when they boycotted the Governors Ball and accused a high-ranking official of arrogance and poor interpersonal skills. The group, which included CECs and MCAs, had each paid Sh20,000 as an entry fee but failed to receive their badges, while those who did were met with hostility by the organizers as some were kept from being in the VIP tents to have lunch. The bottom came when the officer mistreated one of the CECs and got it out of dinner, forcing others to step out of solidarity. A first-term governor from Ukambani who witnessed the spectacle also went out in protest and never returned.

The rivalry in Tangatanga grows ahead of the rally

A top A confidante of a MP in Kirinyaga has vowed to ensure that some Tangatanga MPs will not speak at a meeting called by the deputy president today. The man, known for his generous handouts and aggressive policies, is upset after a demonstration held in the county in support of the governor. The MPs targeted for the booing and evictions are loyal DP lieutenants, and it will be interesting to see if the deputy steps in to save what his campaigns in the county known for their high-octane policies will undoubtedly make or destroy.

MPs nearly ruin Oburu event

The rivalry between two women politicians from Homa Bay County took place on Friday afternoon in front of the United Kenya Club during the book launch of Exit Oburu Oginga. One of them is said to have mobilized a political gang loosely known as the “Men in Black” to teach their rival a lesson on district and party issues after long struggles for domination. According to our mole, it took caresses, a little smearing of the palms and the intervention of high-ranking politicians to defuse the situation that threatened to add a shameful chapter to the successful event in which, among others, ODM leader Raila Odinga and businessman SK Macharia to add a shameful chapter. Party officials now fear that if the rivalry is not resolved, it could soon become deadly.

Ruto’s coastal ally warms up on ODM

A leading ally of DP William Ruto von the coast will soon pop up. from the UDA train for Raila Odingas Party, ODM. The person who was a keywheel of the DP campaign and followed him at rallies across the country will do so for self-preservation. It turns out that the district is one of the strongholds of ODM and the UDA gospel has not arrived and therefore has to be chosen, one has to align oneself accordingly. Talk of Town has determined that cooperation with the DP should continue after the election. The person has already had three meetings with Mr. Odinga’s superiors to undergo a loyalty test. While the receiving party is skeptical of the move, there are some who believe that without a stronger candidate, the politician could be well-suited for the governor’s seat.

OKA leader prepares the ground for exit

One of the OKA leaders met with Vice President William Ruto and it is not clear whether the two reached an agreement. To soften the ground, lawmakers allied with the principal have begun attacking ODM leader Raila Odinga to create the ground for a possible exit. Others, however, insist that the director be senior and waiting for a counter-treaty from ODM, a strategy that can backfire as the former prime minister has many alternatives from the region. The rubber will hit the streets in the coming weeks. Check out this place.

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