Aug 4, 2021

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Uhuru hits out at neighbouring countries over border rows

In a speech on Wednesday during a visit to Lamus Boni Forest, on the border between Kenya and Somalia, he warned that his government would not accept anyone who claims any part of the Kenyan land.

“We will not accept anyone who claims ownership of any part of our land. Just as we have respected the borders of other countries, we expect our borders and our land to be respected equally,” said the President.

His comments could be seen as a disguised message to Somalia that has an ongoing maritime border dispute with Kenya In 2014, Somalia initiated proceedings against Kenya in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over the dispute over “establishing the single maritime border between the two Countries in the Indian Ocean ”.

In addition, the Boni Forest, which extends to the Somali border, is a notorious refuge for the extr emist group Al-Shabaab, whose fighters use it as a launch pad for attacks on Lamu and the neighboring Garissa and Tana River counties.

Kenya has also dealt with illegal crossings between Kenya and Ethiopia, most recently the Ethiopian authorities kidnapped nine Kenyan Moyale accused of harboring rebels.

Mr. Kenyatta noted that Kenya was a peace loving nation that ants to live in peace with its neighbors and has since participated in various peace initiatives in other countries.

He visited an interagency security team in Boni that is currently delivering joint operational training called Field Training Exercise (FTX).

The exercise coordinated by the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) Troops from the National Police Service (NPS), the National Youth Service (NYS) and the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS.), Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and the Kenya Coast Guard (KCGS).

Pre Sident Kenyatta congratulated the troops on their training and thanked them for the various social projects they had carried out in the host communities.

This included restoring hospitals, drilling wells, renovating schools and that Offer medical interventions.

He said the projects will go a long way in changing the way citizens think about security agencies.