Jan 27, 2022

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University of Nairobi VC Stephen Kiama in deal with Uasu to avoid jail term

The VC and the union on Thursday agreed to drop all lawsuits against the university for restructuring and return to the previous structure.

The general secretary of the University Academic Staff Union (Uasu), Constantine Wasonga, said , after he openly confessed After discussions with the VC and other top university officials, the union had decided to withdraw the cases.

“The problem we had as Uasu was that during the restructuring of the University gave no public involvement, but now the VC has assured us that the university is willing to involve the union in the process,” said Dr. Wasonga.

Prof. Kiama said the university is willing to work with the union, adding that the restructuring is not intended to negatively impact employees.

“As a university, we are willing to engage the union. We have also agreed on how the restructuring in the university will take place,” said Prof. Kiama.

In the new agreement, the VC and the union have agreed to take on the created positions from associated VCs to return that of Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Efficient Academic Function

They also agreed to restore the positions of Deans, who are elected by the faculty.

Last July, the VC and Council Chair, Prof. Julia Ojiambo, announced the abolition of five posts of Deputy Vice-Chancellors, replacing them with two Deputy Vice-Chancellors.

The University of Nairobi (UoN) has also abolished all colleges and reorganized all functions around faculties, moving from 35 to 11 to avoid duplication of functions.

All principal and deputy principal positions and their roles were eliminated also reorganized under new positions of executive deans and assistant deans.

< p>The university then said the move was intended to focus resources on the faculties where teaching and teaching is taking place.

The new structure should also provide an efficient academic function.

Consequently, Uasu went to court through attorney Titus Koceyo and attempted to overturn the proposed government reforms at the UoN.

Interims Injunction

The union also asked the court to issue an injunction to prevent the university, council and VC from implementing the reforms announced in a memo dated July 14, 2021.< /p>

Consequently, the court granted the requested prayers and ordered Prof. Kiama to stop the changes he was introducing, which Uasu claimed were carried out without stakeholder involvement.

The University did that s disobeying court orders, prompting Uasu to file a contempt case.

Prof Kiama was found guilty on December 10 and is scheduled to appear before Judge Maureen Onyango for sentencing on January 27.


On Thursday, Dr. Wasonga said Uasu is no longer interested in putting the VC in a civilian prison.

“We are su to announce university restructuring as long as it does not affect our members, and today we had healthy negotiations,” said er.

The meeting was attended by Uasu officials as well as officials from the University of Nairobi chapter and its top officials.