Nov 29, 2022

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US offers Sh230m bounty for arrest of two Kenyan suspects

The United States is offering a cash reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of two Kenyans, Abdi Hussein Ahmed and Badru Abdul Aziz Saleh.

The two are wanted for wildlife and drug trafficking

The US offered up to $2 million (233 million shillings) on Thursday.

Aziz and Ahmed are accused of being part of an international organized crime network linked to trafficked wild animals and tried to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States.

They are accused of conspiring to smuggle at least 190 kilograms of rhino horns and 10 tons of ivory.

“Eradication of the drug and wildlife trade are priorities of the Biden administration. We are grateful for the Kenyan government’s continued partnership to arrest and detain members of these criminal networks,” said Eric Kneedler of the US Embassy in Nairobi on Thursday Thursday afternoon in a press conference at DCI headquarters.

DCI chief George Kinoti called on all actors in the justice system to help arrest and prosecute the two.

“America has a big role to play in facilitating the prosecution of criminal networks.

“What we have here today is an example of our integrated approach designed to effectively deal with these criminal networks,” said Mr. Kinoti.