Oct 23, 2021

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Uzima Hospital fined Sh250,000 for tragic child delivery

The St. Scholastica Uzima Hospital, which is located along the Thika Highway in the Survey of Kenya area, was instructed to contact the board within 30 days from the 28th> The board also ordered that the hospital with the mother Holds conversations to discuss how much she should be compensated. It should inform the KMPDC chairman of the progress of the compensation talks within 90 days from September 28th. If the fine is not paid and the mother is compensated, further punitive measures will be taken.

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“If instructions are not followed … it is written KMPDC is free to suspend, withdraw or revoke the operating license of the St. Scholastica Uzima Hospital, ”said a judgment by Dr. Abdi Mohamed, the Chairman of the Board’s Disciplinary and Ethics Committee who handled the case.

Minor incident

The committee’s action will be Ms. Ann Waithira Wamaitha, a mother of three to give a respite. Your two previous deliveries were uneventful. But this one in February last year showed her a side of the birth that she could hardly have imagined. She told the committee that her birth to a boy with a “paralyzed” arm and fistula had resulted in the failure of her marriage.

Ms. Waithira actually never went to the facility run by the Ruaraka Missionary Benedictine Sisters. is directed to delivery. All she wanted was an ultrasound scan.

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“During the examination, she was told that she went into labor because her cervix was 5 cm open and she had to be admitted immediately, ”said Dr. Mohamed.

This decision shocked Ms. Waithira as she did not feel any signs of labor. The committee heard from the hospital that Ms. Wamaitha’s pregnancy was 41 weeks and six days old. The birth usually takes place in the 40th week and the doctors at the facility judged this to be an “obstructive pregnancy after the birth”.

In her case before the board of directors, presented by Chege Kibathi and corporate lawyers, Ms. Waithira claimed the hospital told her she was in labor while she was not.

She also claimed that the labor was started prematurely, adding that she had no other options like a caesarean section

Ms. Wamaitha also alleged that the hospital improperly pulled the baby, resulting in severe tears in her private parts that caused a fistula.

The hospital responded through its Director, Sister Rosa Pascal. Sr. Pascal said that Ms. Wamaitha was admitted at 11:00 am on February 26, 2020 and that she was “referred to herself” by Kiambu Level 5 Hospital “for reasons not communicated to the caregivers”.

< p> Sr. Pascal said that because Ms. Wamaitha’s pregnancy was beyond the ideal period, she received medical advice.

“She was advised on the likely risk of such a pregnancy and the remedial measures available at the facility. She had two successful vaginal deliveries with no complications during labor and delivery, “said the hospital’s response.

In the end, the committee found that the hospital did not do an ultrasound to check this Status of the baby.

If they had checked, they would have found that the baby was not positioned correctly for the birth because it was relatively large (4.06 kg at birth) and was facing directly to the exit instead of the head and that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck three times.

“The committee notes that the use of ultrasound is critical to a safe birth and can help predict it whether a vaginal delivery would be successful. In this case, the ultrasound would have helped estimate the fetal weight, especially given the fact that it was a pregnancy by date, ”the verdict said.

Shoulder dystocia

< The complication that caused the baby's left arm to malfunction was the fact that the baby's shoulders were too large to exit even after the head sagged due to the way it was rested in the womb. This is known medically as shoulder dystocia.

The dystocia and the way the baby was extracted caused a rare condition in the baby called a brachial plexus injury, according to the committee to manipulate.

The committee also noted that the hospital did not realize that it had caused a fistula in Ms. Wamaitha.

“The committee notes that the midwife did not recognize Diana A Kalwara said the verdict said the tear she examined was a fourth degree.

Six months after giving birth, Ms. Wamaitha was admitted to Kiambu Level 5 Hospital, where the fistula was sewn .

“The St. Scholastica Uzima Hospital is hereby reprimanded for not having performed an obstetric ultrasound prior to induction,” decided the committee.