Nov 28, 2021

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Waititu slapped with new corruption charges

Mr. Waititu faces two new charges of authorizing illegal payments and handling suspicious property.

Prosecutors say he has been paid Sh 6 million. in funds from the county government to Lake Naivasha Resort Ltd. approved. The company had bees. sells Venue Hotel to him.

He is also said to have an indirect private stake of Sh 25.6 million. from payments to a district government contractor, named Testimony Enterprises Ltd. has been identified.

He was charged along with his wife Susan Ndung’u and his trading company Saika Two Estate Ltd. They dismissed the charges.

Prosecutors allege that the couple received money together from Testimony Enterprises between October 2018 and January 2019, even though they knew it was acquired with corrupt funds from the Kiambu district.

Certificate Enterprises had received a tender for the modernization of various gravel roads in the subdistricts Limuru, Gatundu North, Thika, Juja and Ruiru for 588 million shunt.

The directors of the company – Charles Chege and Beth Wangeci – are also defendants in the case.

Mr. Waititu allegedly bagged millions in bribes for contracts awarded by the county government.

He faces multiple charges, including conflict of interest and Dealing with suspect property, abuse of office, willful non-compliance with public procurement laws, engaging in fraudulent practices, fraudulent public property acquisitions and money laundering

Two witnesses – Dr. Justus Bundi, director for supply chain management, and Faith Njeri, chief financial officer of the district – both testified so far when awarding the tenders.

When awarding the road tender, the court heard that the procurement staff had the professional opinion of the manager of the supply chain.

“The tender documents submitted by Testimony Enterprises were fakes. Waititu was the governor at the time of the award of the contract and he had an interest in the said tender, “the court heard.

The hearings will continue on March 14, 2022 and the process is expected to take 32 days.