Jan 20, 2022

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When a heart-warming gospel song brews love

They met in March 2020, got along well and soon became lovers. They got married earlier this week.

The song is titled “Rada”, currently has three million views on YouTube and the singer is Guardian Angel (real name Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka) and the fan is his wife is Esther Musila. She is the mother of three adults and at least 20 years older than him, but they didn’t let that stop them.

“Love wins” was her motto.

Rada was published in early 2020 and broadcast well on some radio stations, including Classic 105.

The following is what Esther Jalang’o TV, an online platform, said in September 2020:

“So one morning I’m going to Work and hear this song. Maina (Kageni) plays it and he plays it all over again. So I text him a direct message and ask, ‘What song is this?’

So he tells me it’s called ‘Rada’.

“Who sang? it? “

” His name is Guardian Angel. “

I walked into my office, went to google and did a search for Guardian Angel. I thought,” Hey, I’ve never heard of this guy Heard “.

So I played the song all day. When I went home, I knew the words of this song. That same week I said to Maina,” Can I meet the Guardian, please? This song touched me. It spoke to me, told me: “Your radar has to change”.

It addressed me as a person. So Maina said: “When do you want to meet him?”

I said: “Friday. Because we work part-time on Fridays.”

So he said: “Okay, good.”

The meeting took place and the artist and the fan ate lunch that day and parted ways. That was the Friday when the first case of Covid-19 became known in Kenya.

“We have just started communicating because I came back and found out have: ‘I sang Guardian’s songs and I don’t even know who he was.’ In the past I sang “Wakati wa Mungu”, I didn’t know who it belonged to. For me, I’ve never focused on the person; It’s the message of the song, ”said Esther.

One thing led to another and on Tuesday the two tied the knot. They looked radiant in photos and videos they shared from their wedding.

The song “Rada” tells of situations. Guardian compares situations with rada, derived from the English word “radar”, and sings that no rada is permanent. A difficult rada that he sings today will be a better one tomorrow – just as he went from his days as a street boy to an award-winning gospel artist.

The song received a lot of praise on YouTube, with some people say that it helped them alleviate their problems during difficult times.

“I almost shed a tear on this song. I also remembered how my rada changed” , writes Martin Mugambi.

Ann Mumbua writes: “This song gives me hope when I almost give up.”

“This song should be inserted as a verse in the national anthem,” says Martin Ngigi.

The Guardian’s meeting with Esther is a chapter that gospel artists know only too well. Some have said in interviews that they have met listeners who thanked them for a song that they made.

Gospel artist Moji ShortBabaa (real name James Muhia) told the Saturday Nation that many the. Sometimes he met fans who told him that his song touched them in a special way.

“There are a lot of songs that I’ve made, like ‘Hajawahi Niangusha’. Someone told me that during their interview they sang everything and got the job, “said Moji.

” Other people have locked their houses and you get my song that encourages them at a certain time , and she’ll text you on Instagram or anywhere else. They’re looking for you and thanking you for the song. ”

He added that there was a fan who told him they played his song when they applied for a visa and got it.

“They said they would send me clothes. So there are a lot of testimonials, “said Moji.

He added that some gospel songs may look humble in terms of chart performance, but will touch some people in particular.

” It says that a song cannot be measured with the usual metrics. As a gospel artist, you don’t judge a song by its popularity. A song can stop being very popular, but its effects can go deep. So it motivates me. When I make a song I say that even if it’s not what people call a hit, there’s a place it got there and one day I’ll know. So many times these testimonials have come out, “said Moji.