Oct 23, 2021

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12.5kg cooking gas may sell for N10,000 by December, Marketers raise alarm

  • Liquefied gas marketers have told Nigerians that the price of cooking gas could rise astronomically
  • In fact, marketers claimed that the price of 12, 5 kg of cooking gas could be sold for N10,000 by December if care is not taken
  • Meanwhile, marketers complained that Nigerians are switching to firewood and charcoal for cooking

Nigerians have been told that they could soon start buying cooking gas at an astronomical price. This is according to the Marketers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

The marketers expressed concern about the shortage of supply, which would lead to a sustained rise in the price of the goods.

They warned that 12.5 kg of cooking gas, currently sold between 7,500 and 8,000 N, could rise to 10,000 N by December if nothing is done to deal with the crisis.

< p class = "align-left"> Marketers complained that more Nigerians have turned to firewood, charcoal, sawdust and other unrefined sources of energy, the prices of which have also started to rise.

The Executive Secretary of the National Association of LPG Marketers, Mr Bassey Essien, announced this during the weekly e-discourse organized by a leading pan-African forum, Platforms Africa, the organization team leader Adeola Yusuf said on Saturday .

Platfo rms Africa is the e-community of intellectuals, policymakers and opinion leaders on the continent.

Essien claimed the government needed to review the recently introduced import duties and VAT. “

He said: “Today (Saturday) the price has risen to N 7,500 and N 8,000. The skyrocketing gas price is our fear and what we try to avoid. At the beginning of the year 20 tons of gas were sold for less than N 5 million, but today the same tonnage is sold for N 10.2 million. As long as this supply shortage persists, the available quantity and the dynamics of supply and demand will drive the price up further. ”Align left “>