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2023: 25 Days After Arriving Lagos, Northerner Who Trekked for Tinubu Left Stranded –

  • The man who hiked 808 miles from Gombe State to Lagos State in solidarity with Bola Tinubu’s presidential candidacy will soon leave for Gombe
  • < strong> Aminu Abdulmumini Jor, a 30-year-old shoe shop owner, said he would return to his shop in Gombe disappointed in maintaining his support for Tinubu

A 30-year-old man from Gombe State, Aminu Abdulmumini Jor, who traveled from Gombe to Lagos in honor of Bola Tinubu’s presidential candidacy, was stranded 25 days after arriving in Lagos, reports The Sun.

It has been determined that Jor Lagos has now left Abuja, unable to reach his destination as he was unable to see the national leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

In an interview with the newspaper, Jor stated that he was n I b He was not touched by the fact that he did not formally meet with the APC supporter to officially state his support for his presidential bid.

He said his support for Tinubu is spurred on by the fact that the APC stalwart has always been a statesman and has always shown his support for the North over time.

Jor explained that Tinubu was very authoritative contributed to President Muhammadu Buhari’s rise to power in the 2015 presidential election.

He said:

“Just his support for Buhari in 2015 is enough , so that every Norse man (Tinubu ) so I trekked from Gombe to Lagos to show and express my support to him.”

However, Jor described Tinubu as one Transformer, citing his performance at Lagos State, where he earned two terms long served as governor and also as a mentor to his successors.

He also mentioned the fact that Tinubu was able to manage the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). To catapult Lagos from N600 million to over N30 billion a month, a feat he said was enough to secure him the presidential seat at Aso Rock.

Jor recounts his ordeal

Jor, when recounting his ordeal during his quest, explained that he encountered some obstacles as some people didn’t tell him positive things to encourage his quest.

Noting that some people wished he had been kidnapped along the way, he said he was hiking in the scorching sun and rain.

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