Sep 21, 2021

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2023: 3 Critical Reasons Why Jonathan Won’t Run for Presidency

There has been speculation that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is considering installing Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for a single term in the next general election after serving as president on the platform the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

1. Betrayal of the PDP

As chief and supporter of the PDP, Jonathan could ruin much of his popularity in the opposition party if at that point he decides to jump ship to the ruling APC just to ensure a return to Aso Rock.

In fact, some PDP bad guys, including Governor Nyesom Wike, have vowed they will never support Jonathan if he competes in the presidential race in someone else’s stands, even if it means helping the southern region realize their dream of the seat.

A Punch publication quotes the governor of Rivers with the Words:

“If President Jonathan receives the presidential ticket for the All Progressives Congress, he knows that I will not support him. I will not engage in anti-party activities. Even if he comes from the south, I will not support him. The most important thing is the interests of my party. “

The feeling is mutual with some Nigerians who respect this peace-loving politician and statesman so much.

2. The South will only be in power for four years

There is great suspicion that if Jonathan gets the chance to lead Nigeria again, he might not want to go into a second term after his first term in office.

The politicians of the South are especially afraid of it and therefore against it, because their geopolitical zone then only has four years before the presidency returns to the North.

3. Strict opposition from APC politicians

The APC has claimed that it is not ready to take power in the country regardless of ethnicity Origin of the candidate projected by other parties.

For this reason, the politicians become the former president ten more than difficult in the election in 2023 because he presents himself as an impressive force.

So the odds are against this South-South leader both from within and from without .

2023: Nigerian youths begin massive steps to bring GEJ back, swear to fund the campaign

In the meantime, young Nigerians had on the platform of Youths Earnestly Demand For Goodluck E. Jonathan (YED4GEJ 2023) called on Jonathan to run for the presidency.

The national chairman of the group, Prince Teddy Omiloli, along with theirs Operations director, Comrade Douye Daniel, expressed many predicaments on Sunday the 16th.

YED4GEJ 2023 described the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate in the 2015 elections as a true democrat , a nation builder and a goal-oriented leader with integrity.