May 29, 2022

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2023: End Of Road, Heartbreak As PDP Disqualifies Influential Aspirant, Others, Names Revealed –

The senatorial ambition of Valentine Ozigbo, former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate in the last Anambra election, ended on Monday, May 2nd.

A five-person PDP review panel, chaired by Victor Okorie, claimed Ozigbo was disqualified from continuing the Senate campaign because he submitted his expression of interest and nomination forms after the deadline filed the party, reports The Cable.

A panel report said the former gubernatorial nominee told the panel that he was awaiting the Supreme Court decision that Invalidating Anambra elections he may emerge as governor.

The panel added that this possibility led the PDP leader to conclude that it was not necessary be that shape ular if the Supreme Court agrees in its favour.

However, the court’s ruling did not pave the way for Ozigbo, and by the time he submitted the form, it was it late.

The panel’s report read:

“Ozigbo told the panel that he was responding to the Supreme Court ruling in SC/ CV/ 240/2022 and SC /CV/241/2022 that he would become governor if the Supreme Court annulled the election.

“Based on this, he concluded that there was no reason for submission the Senate form within the specified time, on April 27, the Supreme Court upheld the contemplated litigation. Unfortunately, by the time he submitted the form, he was already out of time.”

The review committee also disqualified two other candidates, Chuma Nzeribe and Obinna Uzor.

Nzeribe was disqualified from the race on the panel’s premise that he had been declared wanted by court order, while Uzor was ruled ineligible for lying to the committee.

< p class="align-left">The Committee stated on Uzor:

“In column 12 of the nomination form a question was asked if he had ever been tried by a court in Uzor and he said no , suggesting he had never been tried by a court,” the committee’s report on Uzoh said.

“We have in our possession an indictment in the Abuja Federal Court, Competent No ., FHC/ABJ/CR/78/2020, between FRN v. Eziafa Samuel Enwedo & Ob inna Uzoh.

“The above shows that the candidate intentionally did not disclose the facts of this charge, his indictment and his trial. He was asked if he had been charged by a court or tribunal. He denied this, but the facts available show that on July 7, 2020, he was arrested by the Hon. Judge O.E. Abang.”