Oct 23, 2021

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2023 presidency: Jonathan’s Ex-aide Declares Presidential Ambition, Chooses Political Party

  • The number of 2023 presidential candidates in Nigeria on Tuesday, October 5, increased by at least one
  • The newest contender ahead of the 2023 poll is Doyin Okoupe, a former media advisor to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
  • At the unveiling of his manifesto on Tuesday, Okupe said he was planning to set up a national budget that would meet the needs of Nigerians / strong>

Doyin Okupe, a former spokesman for former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, officially announced his intention to participate in the 2023 presidential election on Tuesday October 5th

Okupe also announced that he will run for the presidency on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platform, reports Punch.

The former media advisor to the President said:

“I think I have the knowledge it takes Local national political experience and the intellectual capacity and wisdom to deal with the social and economic de-cadence, insecurity and pervasive poverty that have made life in Nigeria almost meaningless First time the life, well-being and security of life and property especially of the poor and needy is a high priority. “

Also, Okupe noted that when he finally shows up , Nigeria’s budgeting process will be people-centered.

According to him, 30 percent of the state budget from 2023 under his administration will be used entirely for the social welfare of its citizens.

He stated:

“The nation’s wealth is enjoyed by the locals, not by multinationals, foreign contractors and elites in the country.”

2023: I. I’m the one IBB has in mind as Nigeria’s next president, explains Jonathan’s former adjutant

Meanwhile, Okupe had said he was the only former military president, Ibrahim Babangid. a, during his most recent interview, in which he spoke about the 2023 presidency.

The former head of state said in the interview that he had already seen three potential candidates who would be Presidents who are in their 60s.

Babangida had said the next president must be an economist and be a good politician. He added that he “has already seen one or two or three such people”.

As a guest on Friday, August 13th, Okupe said that IBB was definitely on thought him and said he was the most qualified person to become the next President, followed by the current Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.