Sep 25, 2022

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2023 presidency: Saraki reveals type of president Nigeria should have –

  • Bukola Saraki says Nigeria needs a bold and business-savvy leader to tackle the security and economic challenges the country is facing
  • The former Senate president and presidential candidate on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platform said the country urgently needs to be freed from its failing state.
  • Going ahead, said he faced with the country’s challenges, it is necessary to find the right people to sort things out

Former Senate President and Presidential candidate on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Bukola Saraki, has said Nigeria needs a bold and business-savvy leader to address the security and economic challenges the country is facing.

Saraki made the statement in Saturday’s speech the PDP delegates at Government House, Asaba, before the party’s national congress, stressing that the country ‘does not urgently need to be redressed from its failing state.

According to him Due to the insecurity we all suffer today, we cannot afford to make the mistake of not hiring the right person. This country has no tribe or religion.

He said, “Both Northerners and Southerners suffer from poverty and insecurity; we have the highest unemployment rate today at 33 percent and the cost of living is very high.

“Given the numerous challenges facing our nation today g we need to find people who have the ability to lead because leadership is key in this country today; You can’t give what you don’t have.

“There are certain qualities we need in the next president today, and if I have those qualities, let’s do the right thing and support me.

“We need someone who can unite Nigeria, who can accommodate the young and the old, the North and the South.

“We need someone who can bring about investments that the private sector would feel comfortable with, someone who would also have the courage to stand up for what is right and make bold decisions when that time comes.”

Saraki added that the country needs a president who is pro-business and understands the private sector capable of changing the country’s mono-economy status.

“As you all entrepreneurs know, money only goes where it’s safe. What we need now is a business-friendly president or a government that understands the private sector.

“I was happy when I arrived at Asaba Airport today and I checked it out and compared to about a year ago, you can see the difference and innovation of the governor who made this change.

“We need a president who is bold and make bold decisions. It will not be easy as the challenges ahead are enormous.

“Delegation of power is so important; we must be able to restructure this country and the States to delegate more powers.

“You need someone who can do that and you all know that for a reorganization you need constitutional changes, so you need someone with legislative experience , who can unite this country.

“Someone, whether north or south, who is fair to all and you know that I am the person who will unite this country can.”

“When the party needed someone to reconcile our party members, I was brought on board to chair our great party’s National Reconciliation Committee, and today are many states have come together because of our work.” p>

“We need someone who can bridge the gap between young and old. We need someone who can create jobs and secure employment that can only be done through agriculture, through independence from Oil.

“I declared in my manifesto that within 24 months we will be making as much as we are making $30 billion from non-oil – be it gas or petrochemicals, and if we don’t do that, if we continue to rely on oil, we can’t escape the current challenges.

“I’m a great team player and we were able to Keeping the National Assembly together because we got everyone involved,” he said.

The presidential candidate told delegates that Delta is a key state in the country and that any serious contender needs the state’s support .

He praised Gouve rneur Ifeanyi Okowa for his outstanding achievements in the health sector and said that if elected he would repeat Okowa’s history in the country even percent. I promised in my manifesto that within 24 months, 50 percent of Nigerians would need national health insurance.

“What Governor Okowa is doing here in Delta is what will be done needed across the country and I have the capacity to do so because it is the right policy for the health sector,” he said.

The former Kwara governor said when elected , he would give every Nigerian an opportunity to contribute to the country’s development.

In his speech, Governor Okowa said that Nigerians face many problems, such as insecurity and poverty to unemployment, adding that the country really needs a leader who has what it takes to offer solutions to the myriad of problems plaguing the country.

He congratulated Saraki on his role in the 8th Senate and described him as a very m ight and courageous leader responsible for defending the independence of the legislature.

“Deltans are very knowledgeable people; they heard you, and I believe it is our prayer during discussion time that you will find favor in this sight of the delegates.

“We must remind you of your role in the 8. Congratulations Senate, you have demonstrated your skills and defended the laws of the country by showing very clearly that you care more about Nigeria than yourself.

“I pray that every Nigerian who finds himself in a position of authority will come to realize that our individual and eventually collective contributions can truly save this nation.

“Alas we find that many people no longer have the stable minds to do this and may not be making the right decisions as a result.

“But at Delta we’re sure we can keep up when we get to the convention the right decisions and we pray that other parts of this nation understand that this is about Nigeria and not about itself,” explained Okowa.

He said that Saraki was extremely qualified as he had played a very prominent role in the party and in the country and prayed for his success.

“All I can do now is wish you all the best because we know you as a friend we can trust and we also know you have the right skills.

“It’s in the PDP you can get such quality from Finding individuals with the sincerity and passion to settle there in the interests of Nigeria.

“When we look at the opposing party, we all see things going on and we are beginning to ask us if they are trying to bring Nigeria down further.

“That’s because even those in this party di e have the capacity to do this, they will probably do the right things for the country, they will not allow them and they will ensure that they are repressed and pushed aside, but in the PDP we are confident that we will do our best.’ /p>

“We hope that in the last few days before the convention we will talk to ourselves and steer the process in such a way that resentment decreases and we have a convention that is free and is fair and that the best person emerges at this convention.

“We pray that we will work as a united family and we pray when the chips are down

Previously, PDP Delta leader Chief Kingsley Esiso had said that the hierarchy of the party to make a decision on who to support, un d complimented Saraki on the visit.