May 28, 2022

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2023: Who My Successor Will Be, Buhari Speaks To Nigerians In First Tweet After Lifting Twitter Suspension –

Months after lifting the suspension of Twitter, now owned by Elon Musk, on Monday, May 2, President Muhammadu Buhari used the social media platform to to extend his warm wishes to Nigerians in particular Muslims after the successful completion of the Ramadan fast.

As reported by the Nigerian Tribune, President Buhari responded to the question, who would like to be his anointed successor: “The person Nigerians elect.”

This response came after Buhari was reminded that he had recently voted for several presidential candidates of the All Progressive Congress (APC) had agreed.

The President also mentioned a number of recent events in the country under his administration, with particular attention to commendable achievements in the fight against terrorism and crimes of his government .

Read the President’s full speech:

1. This year, after a period of fasting and reflection, we have reason to welcome the occasion with hope. The fight against terrorists falsely posing under the name of Islam is nearing its end.

2. The fight was long and hard. Final victory is in sight. The last embers of Boko Haram and its offshoots are now fading. Last month, the leader of ISWAP was killed in an airstrike. Thousands of fighters have surrendered since the New Year.

3. The territories they once occupied are now seeing the return of those forced to flee their barbarism. In the north-east, normality is finally returning. It’s a long process. But it’s one we’re getting into together now.

4. With bandit groups classified as terrorists, the challenges of banditry and kidnapping are addressed differently in the Northwest and North-Central, where the latest military advances and forces are deployed across the region to thwart acts of terrorism.

5 . The administration receives equally impressive reports of the South-South special operations to curb the theft of crude oil and the illegal oil bunker in the South-South region, during which millions of illegally refined products have been seized and illegal refineries destroyed.

6. As we make progress in cleaning up the environment, some evil people are busy causing more pollution and destruction.

7. In response to the worrying increase in criminal attacks on law enforcement agencies and public institutions in the Southeast, concerted military operations to liberate the region from the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) and elements of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) in recent weeks have led to the inundation of IPOB/ ESN bases, to confiscate weapons and arrest large numbers of suspects.

8. I recently authorized the establishment of a naval base at Oguta, Imo State, among other interventions to strengthen the security of life, property and critical national infrastructure in the region.

9. The revival of the war on drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking is also showing positive results, as evidenced by the arrests of over 12,300 criminals, including seven drug lords; the conviction of 1,400, counseling and rehabilitation of about 8,000 drug users.

10. Seizure of over 3.4 million kilograms of drugs and over N130 billion worth of cash, all in 2021, has been recorded, while no fewer than 3,536 criminals, including security guards and a well-known billionaire drug lord, were arrested in the first quarter of this year.

11. The seizure of more than 65,000 tons of various drugs during this period represents a record for the nation.

12. On all fronts we are working hard to secure our nation. I expect increased coordination and cooperation between security agencies; The silo mentality among the agencies must come to an end.

13. For my part, I will continue to make sure there is no shortage of funds to keep Nigerian citizens safe.

2023: APC is gripped by fear Presidential hopefuls like Buhari remain silent about the anointed candidate

Meanwhile, the hopefuls on the APC’s platform were confused and worried about how the party’s nominee would emerge after the primaries for the 2023 presidential election.

Although the contenders have declared and even started buying the party’s N100 million expression of interest and nomination forms, many of them are still groping in the dark and unsure how Party candidate will eventually emerge.

As a mark of respect, almost all aspirants had approached Buhari to inform him of their intentions before declaring it openly, but surprisingly got them all d The President’s same affirmative response.